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How to be Financially Confident and Own Your Money Like a Boss

When you're struggling with money, financial confidence is usually nowhere in sight. This could very easily lead to spiraling out of control and getting yourself into a worse position with…

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9 Lessons I Will Teach My Kids to Become a Millionaire (like their dad)

Every good parent wants the best for their kids. I'm certainly no exception. I have three boys. Between them running around and playing with each other, I try to teach…

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The 7 Rules on How to Become (and stay) a Successful Financial Advisor

Curious on the tools I use to run (and grow) my financial planning practice? You can get free access to the free report here. How do you define success? Success…

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GF¢ 054: Don’t Fall Victim to Financial Complacency

“Whatever you do, don’t become complacent to your surroundings.” That was a warning that we all received prior to being deployed to Iraq in 2005. We heard it from our pre-deployment trainers. We heard it from our higher ranking officers.…

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