5 Ways to Get out of Debt Right Now!

It’s the home stretch for the Debt Movement – 30 days left to reach our goal of $10 million of debt paid off in 90 days.

We’ve got a long road, but I’m super excited to give people plenty of hope and encouragement along the way.

MyFico.com had asked that I do a video blog where I share my “Top 5 Tips of Getting out of Debt” and let me be me. Here’s what I came up with. :) Enjoy!

Here are the 5 items you need to understand why you are in debt:

  • Manage your cash flow.
  • Stop being blind to your debt.
  • Celebrate your small wins.
  • Stay focused.

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Jeff Rose

Jeff Rose, Certified Financial Planner™ from Illinois. Jeff is also an Iraqi combat veteran, In-N-Out burger addict, and loves to do Crossfit.

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