I have many reasons in my life to be thankful, but for the purpose of this post I have two major reasons to be blessed:

  1. I have an awesome family.
  2. I have a truly talented best friend who takes great pictures of my awesome family.

My best friend, Jason York of Jason York Photography, paid a recent visit to the Rose household to capture us with our latest addition, Bentley.  Enclosed are some of our favorites, although there wasn’t one picture that we did not like.  And no, this is not a paid post…..just a shameless plug…..I did mention Jason York of Jason York Photography, right?  :) Enjoy some classic pics!

Photo shoot with the Rose's

Mom, my butt is cold!

Parker and Bentley showing some brotherly love

Hey brother!

Is there a draft or is it me?

Give me five, bro!

When do you want me to smile?

I'm just doing this to get chocolate later.

Excuse me, you're in my bubble!

You better wash my head when this is over!

I'm so over this photo shoot.

And just for fun…..

This is a urinal, right?

Thanks again Jason York Photography! You never disappoint!

Jason York is not affiliated or endorsed by LPL Financial (Another friendly reminder from my compliance department :) )


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