Are you like me and tired of receiving scam emails informing you that you are the long lost beneficiary of a Nigerian prince and stand to inherit some ridiculous amount of money? Usually, my spam filter does a good job of filtering this crap out, but I’ve had a few sneak by and I felt compelled to share.

What really surprises me is that there are people out there that really fall for this stuff. I didn’t believe it until a former client filled me in that he was involved in a check cashing scam. He was recently laid off and was in desperate need of a job. He found a job online and part of this duties was to deposit payroll checks into his checking account, take a portion for his pay and then purchase a money order with the rest and mail it to “his employers’. I listened in disbelief as he really believed it was legit. He finally figured it out and even had to speak to the FBI regarding the situation.

Please don’t do a repeat of what that guy did.  Pinky promise.

Sample of a Scam Email

Below you’ll find two actual emails that I received in the fast few weeks tempting me with some bait.  I’ve lost track but with all the scam emails that I’ve received, I’m pretty sure with all the money that I’m destined to inherit could fix the national budget.  Heck, we might even have a surplus. :)

First example:






My name is MR,JOHNSON ADAM ,the elder son of Mr. NELSON ADAM of Zimbabwe. This might be a surprise to you about where I got your contact address. I GOT YOUR CONTACT FROM THE COMMERCIAL SECTION OF YOUR COUNTRY EMBASSY HERE IN SOUTH AFRICA JOHANNESBURG so during the current war against the farmers in Zimbabwe from the supports of our President Robert Mugabe to claim all the white-owned farms to his party members and his followers, he ordered all white farmers to surrender all their farms to his party members and his followers.

My father is one of the best farmers in our country and because he did not support Mugabe’s ideas, Mugabe’s supporters invaded my father’s farm and burnt everything in the farm, killing my father and made away with a lot of items in my father’s farm. Before his death, my father had deposited with one of the Security Company in Johannesburg, South Africa the sum of US$12,000,000.00 (TWELVE MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS) with my name,and made every documents with my name bolt the certificate of depositary.

Then After the death of my father, we decided to move to the Republic of South Africa where he had deposited the money in the Security Company as valuables. So,I decided to contact overseas firm and companies that will assist me to move this money out of South Africa because as asylum seekers we are not allowed to operate any bank account within South Africa. We have agreed to offer you 35% of the total sum for your assistance, 5% will be mapped out for any expenses that may be incurred in the course of this transaction and 60% will be for me and my family to invest in your country.

All I want you to do is to furnish me with your entire personal phone and for easy communication. You can contact me on the above E-MAIL .Note that this transaction is 100% risk free and absolutely confidential. we advice you to contact us through our private email address ;


Thanks and God bless.




My Response That I Did Not Send

Dear Mr. Johnson Adam,

Please unsubscribe from your scam list.


Jeff Rose

Woo-hoo!  More Money On the Way

This was pays me 30% handling fee.  Sweet!


Hello Rose,
I must solicit your confidence in this transaction; this is by virtue of its nature as being utterly confidential and top secret. Though I know that a transaction of this magnitude will make any one apprehensive and worried, but I am assuring you that all will be well at the end of the day.

I am Mr. Raila Rotondo, personal account manager of late Dr. Norman Rose, who died of a cardiac arrest a few years ago leaving behind a large sum of money with a commercial bank in the Island of Seychelles which is a tax free zone, a place where plenty of rich People tend to hide away funds not ready to be used or invested; I am also the Client Service manager of the Kenyan branch. I will not mention the amount of money which runs into several millions in United States Dollars and name of bank presently until we have agreed to deal. I trust you will  understand the need for such precautions.

So far, Valuable efforts has been made to get to his people but to no avail, as he had no known relatives more because he left his next of kin column in his account opening forms blank and he has no known relative. Due to this development the bank has been expecting someone to come forward as a close relative to claim the funds otherwise the Seychelles national laws would have it, any dormant account for five years will be declared unclaimed and then paid into the government purse.

To avert this negative development my colleagues and I have decided to look for a reputable person to act as the next of kin to late Dr. Norman Rose so that the funds could be processed and released into his next of kin, which is where you come in. We shall make arrangements with a qualify and a reliable attorney to represent you locally to avoid any inconvenience of you coming down to claim the funds.

All legal documents to aid your claim for this fund and to prove your relationship with the deceased will be provided by us. Your help will be appreciated with 30% of the total sum which I would disclose in my next email Please accept my apologies, keep my confidence and disregard this letter if you do not appreciate this proposition I have offered you.

I wait anxiously for your response. Please also include your phone number in your

Yours Faithfully,
Raila Rotondo.



More Crap

After writing this, I decided to check my spam folder and see if I had received any more of this crap.   Low and behold, I had over 20 emails that could have been considered scam or phishing emails trying to get me to fall for something.

What’s the best spam email you’ve received?  Do you know anyone that has fallen for it?

Creative Commons License photo credit: herr.g


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