For those of you that have actually built your own home or been in the process of building your own home, you know the hours and hours it takes in the planning process. Most often or not, this is the home that you will either retire in or live a great majority of your life. Within the planning process you will scrutinize over your house plans and keep in constant contact with your contractor to make sure that your “Dream Home” is being built to your standard. And this is how it should be, because you will be in that home for a good portion of your life. What’s most puzzling in my profession is that people spend very little time planning for retirement.

Most Important: Vacation or Retirement?

In fact, I just read a study that said on average people spend more time planning their annual vacation than they do actually planning their retirement. Think about that for a second. What’s most important: Disney World or supporting yourself and family for 20-30 years?


Disney Land



Happy Retirement

Starting Your Financial Plan

Building your dream financial plan is similar into building your home. It does take some time into getting the information together, but shouldn’t any plan that will last 2 to 3 decades? In the process, I will be the contractor that puts everything together and continually monitors to make sure your plan is still working. We will make sure that we have all the proper materials and use them the most effective way possible to get you the retirement plan of your dreams. The best part is that I won’t avoid your phone calls and will even return your call promptly. When’s the last time you heard a contractor say that? Well, at least say it and then mean it.

Blueprint for the Financial Plan

The financial plan will be the blueprint that we will review each year to make sure we are still on track to get us where we want to go. As house plans change, so does life; so we want to make those changes accordingly to keep us on course.

Spending a little time to review your situation and meeting with a certified financial planner can be what makes all the difference in a successful retirement. Don’t let a few hours not spent ruin your financial dreams.

“Good plans shape good decisions. That’s why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true.”

– Lester Robert Bittel (b. 1918), writer


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