Recently, I received a letter congratulating me  that I was under consideration into being accepted into the Cambridge Who’s Who among executive professionals and entrepreneurs. As you can imagine, I was excited that I had been recognized for my outstanding efforts in my business and financial planning career. To accept my nomination into Cambridge, all I had to do was submit an online application and hope that I would be accepted.. So excitedly and anxiously, I did.

Honor Being Nominated

Shortly thereafter of submitting my application I received a phone call from a Cambridge representative letting me know that they’re excited about accepting me, but I would just have to go through a further screening process. They asked me some very interesting questions such as “What do you attribute to your success” and “Where do you see yourself in five years” and so on and so forth. And after the conducting the interview, they had confirmed that I had met their standards of being an entrepreneur and that I had been accepted into the Cambridge Who’s Who committee. Yeah!!!

I’m The Man!

At this point, I really hadn’t asked myself who Cambridge was yet but who cares, I was accepted! Then the friendly Cambridge rep shared all the wonderful benefits that came with my membership:

  • I would get access a network of other professionals that I could share ideas to help grow my business.
  • I would be recognized by the Cambridge Who’s Who society
  • I would be placed on their website with a direct link and helping my exposure via the web
  • Receive a letter of certification of my acceptance into the society.

What’s The Catch?

As I’m hearing all these great benefits, I’m thinking wow this is great and it’s all for free! It only took another two minutes to realize that this wasn’t free. The Cambridge rep soon chimed in with , “We have two great packages that you can choose from for your Cambridge membership.”  Here it comes….. The premium package is only $899, and a deferred payment of $199 going forward. (I knew there was something fishy about this) As I heard this, and as the representative continued on, telling me how great Cambridge is and explaining the other packages , I googled Cambridge Who’s Who and read blog after blog filled with negative comments from other folks that have received the same solicitation, and how it’s a big rip-off. No thank you.

Great Opportunity Lost…Yeah Right

After I declined, the package prices kept dropping because they didn’t want to me miss out on this “great opportunity”. They dropped so far, in fact, that I now have a complimentary membership to test drive their services.

So whether I’m accepted as a Who’s Who or not, I realized that maybe I’m not a Who’s Who in my local community yet, but decided that I can do so without the assistance of a makeshift organization that’s looking to just generate fees for making me think that I’m something that I’m currently not. Right now, I’m okay with that, because I’m $900 richer.


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