It’s time for another edition of Dollar and Cents. This is where I answer one of your questions.

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Dear Jeff:

– Is it possible to have a Roth 401k and a Roth IRA at the same time? Would you recommend this?

– For young investors in their 20’s who would like to be prepared for retirement some day, what advice would you give us to start?

Thanks for taking the time to put together your website, it continues to teach me new lessons each time I read it.


With each Dollars and Cents video we want to provide some follow up links where you can get some additional information on the topic. If you are interested in learning more on investing an inheritance, safe places to store your money, and the best places to open up a brokerage or savings account, here are some good reads:

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    Hey Jeff I think its great that more people in their 20’s are thinking about their retirement. Every little bit helps like you mentioned even a 20,50, or 100$ is a lot when you are in the early stages. Really enjoy the Dollars and Cents reader questions!

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    Jeff, that is a great quality video! I’m really impressed. All of the different cuts with different zoom factors make it a little distracting though…

    That is a really awesome calculator above, how did you get it into wordpress?

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    Nice point on double checking with a CPA. Generally I agree that taxes will likely be higher in 20-30 years, especially because I expect my income to be higher…which is why I contribute to a ROTH IRA. Having said that, it may make sense to bring taxable income levels down via traditional 401k contributions. thanks for the video!!!

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