Benefits of Using Your Opposite Hand – Grow Brain Cells While Brushing Your Teeth

How to Grow Brain Cells While Brushing your Teeth

As I get older, it seems that I’m constantly getting these nagging injuries from me doing my crazy Crossfit workouts. (You can ask the wife, she’s tired of hearing me complain).

I’ve tweaked my shoulder, left knee, right trap (upper back), forearm, and; most recently, my right bicep.

I had never hurt my bicep that much before and was surprised on how much it affected my day to day activities.

It affected them so much that I had to rely on my left arm to pick up the slack.

The incident had reminded me about some show that I watched that discussed on how much of a benefit it was to use your non-dominant hand.

You may be surprised to learn that there are benefits to you when using your opposite hand – I know I was.

It feels awkward and you are likely to have much less control over what your non-dominant hand can do, but when you use your opposite hand you are “growing” your brain! I used my injury as a chance to permanently grow my brain for ever more.

I made a vow to start using my left hand for as many tasks that were previously always done with my right. It was time to grown my brain. Trust me. I need all the help I can get. :)
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How Being a Quitter and a Dropout Made Me More Successful

Of all the stratagems, to know when to quit is the best. – Chinese Proverb

Quit to Win?

I am not proud of it, but I am a quitter.

I have always put my all into everything I do, and it’s a characteristic that I am really proud of.

If I have committed to something, I do everything in my power to stick it out until the end.

This is the message that I share with people as encouragement when they’re struggling with an issue. I encourage them to stop thinking about how to quit and focus on how NOT to quit – to push through it and finish whatever it is.

The only thing that haunts me when I’m telling people not to be a quitter is that it’s not entirely true!

I know that there are things in life that I have quit; while most of them were minor, the one that lingers with me is my attempt at getting an MBA.

I enrolled in the MBA program at my university and after taking only one class I dropped out.  It’s almost embarrassing to admit that, being that I consider myself to be successful!
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The Cheapest and Simplest Chicken Pasta Recipe You’ve Ever Seen

chicken pasta recipe

Update:This chicken pasta recipe is so good that I was compelled to make it again and update it with better pictures. I promise you it’s easy to make. Heck, I even did it! :) If you make it, let me know what you think in the comments below.

This recent Valentine’s Day I wanted to surprise my wife by cooking a romantic dinner at home.   The last several years we’ve gone out to eat at various restaurants have been disappointed with the quality of the food and the price we had to pay for it.   Seeking ideas I hit the web and found a neat recipe for Chicken Piccata at my buddy JD’s blog Get Rich Slowly.   He had an article entitled Recession Romance and shared some other neat ideas to celebrate V Day without breaking the bank.

When it comes to new recipes, I’m a sucker for any Italian dish, so this recipe was right up my alley.   The one slight change that I implemented was I wanted to make it a pasta dish so I added some thin spaghetti to the mix.

If you’re looking for a new tasty recipe, I encourage you to give it a try.

If you’re looking for a tasty shrimp pasta recipe, head over to Gen X Finance for a recipe I shared earlier.  Without further ado, here’s the the step by step instructions as well as an idea on how much it is going to cost.  Time to hit the kitchen to try out this chicken pasta recipe!
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Emergency Alert: How To Be Prepared For a Storm

Updated 03/01/2012: I’ve lived in Southern Illinois most of my life and cannot remember a time where we were hit with such vicious wind storms.

When I first wrote this post, our area was hit what was called an “inland hurricane”. It’s the closest thing I’ve been to a hurricane and/or tornado. I never thought our area would be hit again. That is until this past Tuesday.

Harrisburg, Illinois, about 30 minutes from me was hit by an EF4 tornado killing 6, injury 100’s more, and leaving the community stunned. It’s just a scary reminder that you never know when Mother Nature is going to come and you better be ready.


If you haven’t taken any measures to be prepared for an emergency, then this applies. I’ve added newer pics that shows the preparation my wife and I have gone through. You can read more on her perspective here. If you are deathly afraid of storms, check her post out.


Overwhelmed by the storm's aftermath

Living in Southern Illinois there aren’t many emergencies that we have to be prepared for.  We will have the occasional ice storm in the winter. During the summer humidity is almost unbearable, but we’re not accustomed to much more than that.  That was until Friday, May 8th, when I experienced a storm like no other.

I was set to play in the annual Carterville Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Golf Scramble that had a tee time of 1 p.m.   It had rained all morning, but I was hopeful that it would still not prevent the days festivities.  I had no idea by the end of the day that my main concern would be whether my home was still standing and not that I had shanked my drive on Hole #9 (or every other hole for that matter).

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Five Guys Burgers Vs. In N Out. Is There Really Any Comparison For Best Burger?

five guys vs. in-n-out burger

Mmmhmm. This is a tasty burger.

That memorable phrase was uttered by Samuel Jackson in the cult classic Pulp Fiction as he was chowing down on a Big Kahuna burger.

There’s a certain stigma for a restaurant having the title of “Best Burger” and rightfully so.  Nothing beats a good burger.  Nothing. My mouth is watering now just thinking about it. Seriously….. I’m actually drooling.  Okay, I’m out of my burger trance….for now.

When I think of the “best burger”, there’s only one that comes to mind.  Any guesses?
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13+ Amazingly Simple Ways to Get Over 40 Grams of Fiber in Your Diet In One Freaking Day!

I‘m not really sure when the day actually happened.

I know that I started eating healthier when I was college right when working out became a part of my weekly routine.

Protein, carbs and good fats became a regular staple of my vocabulary.

One day though, I got a little bit obsessed. And that obsession became fiber.

So much of a obsession that I started to count how many grams of fiber I took in a day. 

Yes, I may need help.

You see, my father had two heart attacks and the second one took his life at the age of 67. From that point on, I’ve watched my diet a lot more than I did in the past (Although, I did hit a bit of a funk and motivated myself to lose 20 pounds). 

Knowing that heart disease runs in my family, I needed to conscience of what I ate. According to the Cheerios box, fiber helps reduce cholesterol or heart disease. How can you argue with Cheerios?

So I started watching and counting my fiber intake to make sure I was getting a healthy dose. But what exactly is a healthy dose?  According to Harvard School of Health, men should shoot for 30 grams of fiber a day in their diet.
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23 Ways to Save Money Building Your Dream Home

Hey Pinterest people! If you like this post, you might also like 70 Easy Ways to Save Money. Also, be sure you check my wife’s blog House of Rose. Her Home Tour page has been Pinned over 1 million times. Yowzers!

This year we embarked on an adventure of a lifetime. We built our first custom home- our dream home.

Having talked to many couples who have gone through the same process, we knew we were in for some stressful times.   Along the way, we managed to find several tips to save quite a bit of money and wanted to pass some of these dollar saving tricks on to you.

Are you building a house soon?  If so, take a breath, grab a notepad, and hang on–it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

And remember: what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

Husbands, another piece of advice: The wife is always right.  Always. Trust me. :)

Now, let’s go build your dream home and save some money while you do it.
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