GF¢ 047: Crushing Goals for 2015


“Dream small dreams. If you make them too big, you get overwhelmed and you don’t do anything. If you make small goals and accomplish them, it gives you the confidence to go on to higher goals.”

John H. Johnson

By now, if you’ve been a reader of my blog, you know that I LOVE to set goals. This is a byproduct of joining The Strategic Coaching program 4 years ago. You can read how much I love that program here.

Setting and reviewing my goals consistently has yielded wild and crazy results. My revenue has almost tripled (hopefully soon quadruple!) and I’ve taken more time off than I ever have. #winning

my goals 2015

This was the first goals post I shared on the blog. I then did a few follow up posts here and here.
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The Top 10 Good Financial Goals That Everyone Should Have

If you haven’t realized this yet, I’m kind of a goal setting freak.

Some people do New Year’s resolutions.  That’s great, but I think you need to revisit your goals on a more consistent basis.  For me, that’s every 90 days.

Other people don’t bother to set goals. They choose – unconsciously at least – to rely on luck.

“The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself.”

Douglas MacArthur

Let’s establish up front that goals are something more substantial than dreams or wishes.

They can start with dreams or wishes, but they have an action plan behind them – something that spells out how we convert a desire into something real.

That’s especially important when it comes to financial goals. Since they require regular investments of money and effort over a long period of time, you need to have workable plan to bring them to reality.

good financial goals is key

Start by setting some financial goals. If you’ve never thought much about this, here are 10 good financial goals that everyone should have.
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15 Business Lessons From Warren Buffet

There are people in the world who are best known for being famous for being famous.

Think Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.

Warren Buffett is not in this crowd (thank goodness!).

He is widely considered to be the most successful investor of all time. He is one of the very wealthiest people in the world – often THE wealthiest, depending on stock market valuations.

He has gotten to where he is by being a brilliant and insightful investor.

Business Lessons from Warren Buffet

Like me, he wasn’t born into money, and he didn’t sign a fat contract for a book, a movie, a TV show or a record deal.  (Note:  I did sign a contract for my book deal, but I assure it wasn’t fat.  Far from it.  Haha…)

He did it the old fashioned way, which in today’s world seems almost radical.

In fact, there is nothing fancy or unusual at all about Warren Buffett – other than his phenomenal success.
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My “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Experience

Rich Dad, Poor DadWe all have them, those moments in our lives where we are presented with a crossroad.

Where each path has the potential to lead us into a totally different result.

We all wish that we could fast forward to see which path is the best option, but, unfortunately, the only way to find out is to choose one.

I had to make one of those decisions early on in my career.

One of my earlier meetings in my career was with a gentleman who had an entrepreneurial spirit.

He could see that in me as well, and had suggested that I check out the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.

I can’t remember if I’d heard of the book at the time, but I was definitely intrigued.  It was a time in my life when I would read any type of inspirational story and soak it up like a sponge!

If you’ve never heard of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, the concept is this:
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How to Make Sure You Don’t Hire the WRONG Architect to Build Your Dream Home

A couple years ago my wife and I set off on the journey of building our first home together. It was going to be our dream home.

To say that the process was a bit stressful is a slight understatement.

We both had an idea of what kind of house we wanted, but the location and the layout of our lot made it a bit more challenging.

We scoured through dozens of home books and on-line guides trying to find the perfect house plan.

hiring an architect

We came very close, but never could find “the one”. That’s when we realized that we needed to hire an architect.
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Getting Out of Jury Service

One of the most important civic duties we have as Americans is serving on a jury.

A huge piece of our judicial system includes being able to have a trial of your peers rather than letting the government being judge, jury, and executioner. Yet many people try to get out of jury service simply for convenience and that is a true shame.

Some people want to know how to get out of jury duty because they fear being fired from their job for missing work, but that is illegal. Your employer cannot fire you for missing work due to jury duty.

However, there are those who have legitimate reasons to get out of jury service.

how to get out of jury duty
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The Challenges of Getting a Car After Divorce

Divorce is a complicated process both emotionally and legally.

Thoughtful planning, however, can make your decision to divorce— and the process itself— easy.

Planning should begin immediately when you have a single notion about getting a divorce.

One tricky issue is what to do with the vehicles that were property of the marriage.

It’s time to get a financial plan!

If there was only one car in the marriage, then only one of the marriage partners will get possession of it. Sometimes a judge may rule in some divorce cases that both vehicles in a marriage should go to only one party. It depends on the circumstances, but more importantly, it’s likely the other party will need to get a new or used vehicle.
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How You Can Party Like a Rockstar and Still Save For The Future

This is a guest post from Martin of Studenomics, and more recently, Start Freelancing Now.

I’m on a money makin mission….
But i party like a Rockstar,
I’m flyin down 20 lookin good in my hot car
Party like a Rockstar….
-Shop Boyz

party in your 20s or saveAre you ready to take control of your life?

You only live once (YOLO baby!).

Why would anyone in their 20s want to save money?

Life’s too short to save money.

There’s so much fun stuff that you can be doing in your 20s. You don’t want to be that guy that just saves and saves constantly.

You want to enjoy life.

Jeff recently wrote about investing in your 20s. This post got my attention because I enjoy Jeff’s writing and I like to save money in my 20s.
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Reader’s Story: Changing Your Financial Mindset for Success

Financial Mindset for SuccessOne of the favorite parts of my newsletter is where I share a personal story that made a huge difference in my life.

You have signed up for my newsletter, right? :)

I then ask my readers to share a similar story that has affected them.

Let me tell you….I love these stories!!! They are so uplifting and I can’t wait until the next one arrives.

This response by Elise was so personal and AWESOME that I had to ask her if she wouldn’t mind sharing it with all of you.

Thankfully, she obliged. You rock, Elise! :)

Here’s here story of how she changed her financial mindset for the better. Enter Elise….
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Caring for Aging Parents: Budgeting for Family Caregivers

caring for aging parentsEvery month, Bonnie gives thanks for the arrival of her mother’s long-term care insurance check.

Long-term care insurance pays for her mother’s home care–which means that, while her mom receives the care she needs, Bonnie can run errands, attend programs at the kids’ school and take a few moments to breathe.

The long-term care benefit also taught Bonnie the importance of a budget for care. With a budget, Bonnie can plan appropriately for her mom’s care needs, giving Bonnie a sense of control in a situation that can feel so out-of-control.

The budget also means that Bonnie schedules regular time off for herself. Looking forward to having a break has become a critical coping strategy for Bonnie. She finds the she can manage her stress much better when she knows she soon will have a few hours to herself.
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Mortgaging the House, Not the Marriage

should you pay pmi just marriedMoney is a difficult issue for many couples to discuss.

As I talked about in a previous video post, money issues are the #1 cause for strains on a marriage.

It brings out insecurities, fears, anxieties, feelings of competitiveness and many other not-so-great emotions.

But money is a fact of life, and taking control of finances is vital, especially in an uncertain economic climate.

For newlyweds, the issue of financial planning can cause enormous rifts. According to a recent Forbes article, 10 Ways Budgeting Saved My Marriage,

In the article it states,

“Over 50% of marriages end in divorce.  Over 50% of those splits cite financial disputes as the primary reason for the break-up.”

One of the greatest things a young couple can do together is to buy a home. It screams optimism for a shared future. But house payments and mortgages can also be a huge source of stress and cause divisiveness that can be irreparably damaging down the road.
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The Social Media Afterlife: What Happens to Our Social Media Accounts if We Die?

social media after you dieIf you haven’t gathered this yet, but I’m kind of a Social Media junkie.

I’ve got accounts at the usual suspects: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

In case that wasn’t enough, I’ve also jumped on the Instagram, Google + and Pinterest bandwagon, too.

As a small business owner, I’m always looking for unique ways to market myself and social media is an easy (and free!) way to do it.

But have you ever thought about what happens to all your social media accounts if you die?

Okay, maybe it’s a morbid thought, but curiosity got the best of me and I was interested to find out if our online profiles are immortal.

Here’s a look at what happens to our social media accounts after we die. R.I.P.
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