2012 Veteran’s Day Discounts and Free Meals

As a Veteran, I’m always appreciative when local businesses find ways to show their support and love for our military members.

There are many merchants who will be celebrating Veterans Day by offering great sales which consumers can take advantage of to stock up on holiday gifts at a great low price.

If you are looking to take advantage of some of these great sales, the following list can help you get started.

Where to find Veterans Day Deals and Discounts

Holiday shopping has become much easier with the help of the Internet.

Not only can you locate sales in one easy place, you can also make your purchases from the convenience of your home.

Visit the following websites for more information on Veterans Day sales.
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Should You Invest in Roth IRA or Thrift Savings Plan?

Saving for retirement is one goal commonly shared by most individuals. Unless you are independently wealthy or inherit enough money to feel confident you will never have to rely on savings (I did not either one of these), you most likely want to put money aside during your working years to ensure your comfort and security when you retire. This can be done in any number of ways, as there are dozens of different “types” of retirement savings plans from which to choose. Each plan has its own benefits and drawbacks making it important to find the one that best meets your current and long term financial needs. Members of the military and federal employees have additional savings tools at their disposal, making the decision where to save even more complicated. Here we look at two popular savings plans available to service members, their families and United States Federal Government employees.
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Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)

The United States government has long recognized the fact that members of the military need special protective legislation due to the very nature of their job. When servicemembers are called to duty, it is quite common that they are unable to fulfill their financial obligations or assert their legal rights as would a civilian who is not serving their country via active duty in the military.

In December of 2003, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) was signed into law to take the place of the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act (SSCRA). This revision of the previous act provides members of the military expanded protection against certain judicial actions that could distract servicemembers from the duties they have been called to perform.
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Welcome Home SSG Chris Henry!

Hooah!  Welcome home SSG Chris Henry!

Hooah! Welcome home SSG Chris Henry!

I was excited today to welcome back home a good buddy of mine, SSG Chris Henry, from his year long deployment from Afghanistan.  Chris and I have been good friends since high school and spent many a drills together when he joined the National Guard  a few years after me.  It was so great to be at the welcome home ceremony to see Chris embrace his wife Sabine for the first time in a very long time.  What makes their story so special is that Sabine is actually from the Netherlands and she has been trying to get her visa approved to be here in the U.S.  She was supposed to be here months ago, but things kept getting delayed.  Then by a pure miracle it finally got approved just two days before Chris was due to be home.   Talk about good timing, right?  I thought there story was so cool that I asked Sabine to share the story of how they met and what she’s gone through to have her man serving overseas.
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IRS is My Hero: The Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Tax Act (the HEART or Heroes Act)

Bringing Clean Water to Rural Iraqis

Having served overseas in Iraq, this should have caught my attention earlier.  It wasn’t until I recently lost a brother in arms that I happened on a little blurb  in the IRS publication 590 on the SGLI.  If you are not in the military or have a family member in the military, it probably wouldn’t mean anything to you.  SGLI stands for Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance.  It’s the life insurance that the government provides to all our military members.  When I first got in the military the most you were allowed to get insured for was $250,000.  Right about the time I was deployed, the government increased that amount to $400,000. The cost is minimal; $0.65 per $1000 of life insurance.  While serving overseas,  it’s a no-brainer.
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