Soldier of Finance Has LAUNCHED!!

The big day is finally here – my book, Soldier of Finance, has officially launched.

My book has already been in stores, but September 9th was the actual release day.

I’ve been blasting it all over Facebook – can you blame me?  :)

I think what was most surreal is when my wife and I stopped by a Barnes and Noble in the St. Louis area and found my book right next to Dave Ramsey himself.  Now that is freaking legit!   Haha…

Dave Ramsey and Soldier of Finance
Thank you for everyone that have already bought the book. I’ve already made it to one of the best sellers list on Amazon. I couldn’t have done it with you!
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Soldier of Finance Pre-Sale Begins {NOW}

If you’ve been following me on social media lately, you might have noticed that I have something BIG that’s been looming for quite some time.

The following Facebook update might give you a clue:

Faceboook SOF udpate

Yes, after over 4 years in the making my 1st book, Soldier of Finance, is close to hitting shelves across the U.S.

Has it really been over 4 years?  It sure has!

I can remember when I first got the idea to write the book. Well, I actually didn’t come up with the idea.

It all started through a random meeting with a CNBC executive producer (that’s a whole other story for another day). She, knowing my military background, gave me the idea to write a book that tied in the “soldier’s discipline to investing”.  To use my experience as a soldier in the trenches and tie that in to personal finance.

Boom! That’s how the idea was born.

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Remembering A Fallen Soldier- SSG Joshua Melton

This post was originally published on June 23, 2009. So many heroes deserve to be recognized on Memorial Day. This is my hero.

Remembering SSG Joshua Melton

Monday was not the easiest way to start a week.

Writing this post is even more that difficult.

This morning I caught a news feed that read “Two Illinois National Guardsmen Killed in Afghanistan”.

Immediately my heart dropped.

Having safely returned home from Iraq in March 2006, I felt so blessed that every soldier from C 2/123rd Field Artillery returned home safely.  A few scares but nothing more than close call stories that you can share with friends every now and then.

After nine years of National Guard service I retired.  It’s hard to walk away from something that’s been part of your life for so long, but I knew it was time.  Others that deployed with me felt they had more to offer.

More to sacrifice.  One of those soldiers was SSG Joshua Melton. [Read more…]

Emergency Alert: How To Be Prepared For a Storm

Updated 03/01/2012: I’ve lived in Southern Illinois most of my life and cannot remember a time where we were hit with such vicious wind storms.

When I first wrote this post, our area was hit what was called an “inland hurricane”. It’s the closest thing I’ve been to a hurricane and/or tornado. I never thought our area would be hit again. That is until this past Tuesday.

Harrisburg, Illinois, about 30 minutes from me was hit by an EF4 tornado killing 6, injury 100’s more, and leaving the community stunned. It’s just a scary reminder that you never know when Mother Nature is going to come and you better be ready.


If you haven’t taken any measures to be prepared for an emergency, then this applies. I’ve added newer pics that shows the preparation my wife and I have gone through. You can read more on her perspective here. If you are deathly afraid of storms, check her post out.


Overwhelmed by the storm's aftermath

Living in Southern Illinois there aren’t many emergencies that we have to be prepared for.  We will have the occasional ice storm in the winter. During the summer humidity is almost unbearable, but we’re not accustomed to much more than that.  That was until Friday, May 8th, when I experienced a storm like no other.

I was set to play in the annual Carterville Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Golf Scramble that had a tee time of 1 p.m.   It had rained all morning, but I was hopeful that it would still not prevent the days festivities.  I had no idea by the end of the day that my main concern would be whether my home was still standing and not that I had shanked my drive on Hole #9 (or every other hole for that matter).

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Goals for 2012: Focus on What You Love

Time to Focus

Last year was the first year that I wrote a goals post here on the blog.

I truly loved the experience as it helped put things in perspective of what I really wanted to accomplish.

Plus, it’s exciting to see how those goals actually played out and what transpired over the past year.

I now realize this will be an annual occurrence here at GFC.

Before I start with this year’s goals, I thought I would reflect back and see how last year’s goals played out (You can see the post here).
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The Easiest Way to Remember Your Passwords

Have you ever been sitting at your computer scratching your head thinking, I know I am putting in the right password and login but it’s just not working? If you have then you and I have got something in common. Today there are hundreds of websites that require a login and password from e-mail, work applications, games, online shopping sites to pretty much anything else you would need some type of paid or private access to.

If you are also like me, I am concerned with using the same login and password for too many sites at the same time for safety reasons. Which brings us to the major problem at hand; I have literally ten to twelve different logins, and roughly the same number of passwords to remember. When I only buy something off of Amazon around once a month, how in the world am I supposed to remember the password and login?
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Goals Update and Look Who Turned One!

Hello Good Financial Cents readers. It’s been a bit since I’ve had an update post on the blog so I thought I would keep you in tune at what’s going on with myself, Good Financial Cents, and my latest project Soldier of Finance.

First up is the family.

We were excited this week to celebrate our second son, Bentley’s, first birthday. I can’t believe that the little guy has been around for exactly one year. For those of you that are parents you know the huge transition it is to go from zero kids to one and those that have two kids know how much of a crazier time it is to transition from one to two. The first six weeks of Bentley’s arrival was a bit of mad chaos. To say that is a slight understatement. My wife and I were able to bear down and accept him into our loving family. I won’t say it’s been easy but we definitely have handled having the two boys around.

For those of you that didn’t know, we are already expecting our third child and just because we don’t believe in keeping people in suspense, I’ll already reveal to you that it’s another boy. That’s right, the three amigo’s in the Rose household. The next question we always get is “Okay, so when are you guys going to have the girl?” I’ll have to be upfront again when we say that we just don’t know. I’m not saying we won’t have a fourth child, but right now we just want to see how much it is to handle three. Whatever happens we know that it’s in God’s hands and we’re thankful either way.
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Exciting News to Share!

Spring has sprung!  Oh, how I love this time of the year.  Baseball season is already here and can’t wait to root Albert Pujols and the St. Louis Cardinals as they contend for another World Series (Don’t worry Cubs fans.  You always have next year :) ) I can’t believe that 1/4 of the year has already has passed.  Between moving into a new house and having our second son Bentley arrive, I don’t think I’ve had any time to take a breath.  It’s been a while since I’ve given a personal update and I had some exciting things I wanted to share.  So many things, but where to start?

It’s Foxy!

First off, I was excited that Fox Business contacted me to pick my brain on a few financial planning related topics.  They initially contacted me last fall, but didn’t run a quote until recently.   I even persuaded them to get me a link to my blog, so that was super exciting.  You can see the article here.
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A Family Photo Shoot With The Rose’s

I have many reasons in my life to be thankful, but for the purpose of this post I have two major reasons to be blessed:

  1. I have an awesome family.
  2. I have a truly talented best friend who takes great pictures of my awesome family.

My best friend, Jason York of Jason York Photography, paid a recent visit to the Rose household to capture us with our latest addition, Bentley.  Enclosed are some of our favorites, although there wasn’t one picture that we did not like.  And no, this is not a paid post…..just a shameless plug…..I did mention Jason York of Jason York Photography, right?  :) Enjoy some classic pics!

Photo shoot with the Rose's

Mom, my butt is cold!

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New Home, New Opportunities, Annoucements and Such

Hello Good Financial Cents Readers! I’m so excited to share a few announcements of some cool happenings in my life.  So much to share, but where to start? :)

First, let’s start with some blog milestones.  It’s been over a year and a half since I started Good Financial Cents and it’s grown to more than I could have ever imagined.  When I first started my blog I was super excited to have 100 people visit my blog.   The graphic below shows what my current stats are looking like (as about two weeks ago) and right now I’m averaging over 4,000 visitor per day! Pretty soon I’ll pass my one millionth page view which will be pretty neat.

My Blog is Growing!

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How Support the Relief Effort in Haiti

This information was provided by Kandis Bates, President, Invest in Others Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Following this week’s catastrophic earthquake and aftershocks in Haiti, we have heard from many of you who have asked how you can help the international relief efforts.  These horrific events remind us that natural disasters can strike at any time in any place, and that very often recovery requires the collective efforts of citizens, businesses, and governments across the world.

Edifici distrutti, Port-au-Prince
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ucodep

In response, LPL Financial is currently establishing a disaster relief program that will create a centralized resource for directing—and matching—donations to relief organizations during times of crisis. Additional information on this program will be made available shortly.
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