It’s Time to Get a Financial Plan

Time to Get a Plan

Are You Ready to Get Your Finances On Track?

Most people spend more time planning their family vacation than planning for their financial future.

Are you one of those?

It’s time to change that.

Today I want to be able to give you a compelling offer that you can’t say no to.  To stop “putting off” the thing that you know you need to address.

We all know that those that plan are more likely to succeed.   Financial planning is no different.

I have been helping people plan for retirement for almost 10 years now and the people that are the most successful are not always the one’s with the highest paying jobs.    Not even close.

The most successful are the people that had a plan.

Let me create a customized action plan for you that details the exact steps you need to take today to reach your goals and objectives.

My Confidential Process Typically Consists of 5 Steps

  1.  Discuss your goals and objectives
  2.  Gather and analyze your financial information
  3.  Review various scenarios
  4.  Prepare your written action plan
  5.  Talk on the phone or via Skype to explain your action plan

Once you have the plan, you’ll know exactly what you need to do in order to get rid of your financial stress, stop worrying and achieve your financial goals.

Don’t struggle on your own, talk it through with me and together we can build a plan you’ll understand and be able to take action on.

The Tools I Use

Money Guide Pro – The #1 Financial Planning Software

Money Guide Pro

Money Guide Pro

Imagine going on a long trip to an unknown location – would you buy a cheap GPS tool to get you there?  Absolutely not.

Money Guide Pro has been the #1 financial planning software in our industry for years and that’s what I’m offering to you. What makes it so good?

  • They are the  originator and leader in Goal-focused planning
  • Detailed Cash Flow for Retirement Distribution
  • Engage you with Play Zone™ and Snapshot
  • Calculate “What if” scenarios for the plans that don’t always work out.

Why You’ll Love Blueleaf

Blueleaf advisor

Blueleaf advisor

Blueleaf simplifies tracking all your savings and long-term financial goals while making everything you own transparent, understandable and controllable.

Imagine seeing all your investment accounts in one secure place – no more multiple logins!

  • Track all your savings and investment accounts in one secure place
  • Achieve your goals faster by seeing how your accounts work together
  • See inside your mutual funds and learn what you really own
  • Make better decisions by securely collaborating with family and advisors

What You Get

  • Comprehensive Financial Plan using the #1 Financial Planning Software Money Guide Pro ($1,500)
  • One year subscription to Blueleaf Advisor ($1,200)
  • One 2 Hour Reconnaissance Engagement Call with a member of my Team ($400)
  • One 2 Hour Strategic Implementation Call With Myself ($400)

Total Value of Package: $3,500.00

Current Price: $1,000

Yes, that’s it. $1,000 to ensure that your financial future is set.

I mentioned that this was a “limited offering” and….. it is.

In fact, I can only accept a few more people at this dramatically reduced price.

The reality is that this is the first time that I’m trying this and I want to do it right.  The other thing is that I’ll probably never offer this at such a low price ever again.   Are you interested? Click the button below to apply today.

Only Serious Applicants Apply Please

This is NOT a first come, first serve basis. I am accepting applications (yes, you must apply) and will personally choose the folks that I feel will be best suited for our process.

I want to make sure that you get the most out of it and I’m not going to just cash a check from you if I don’t think that you’ll benefit.

Ready to get started? Apply here.