Have you ever been sitting at your computer scratching your head thinking, I know I am putting in the right password and login but it’s just not working? If you have then you and I have got something in common. Today there are hundreds of websites that require a login and password from e-mail, work applications, games, online shopping sites to pretty much anything else you would need some type of paid or private access to.

If you are also like me, I am concerned with using the same login and password for too many sites at the same time for safety reasons. Which brings us to the major problem at hand; I have literally ten to twelve different logins, and roughly the same number of passwords to remember. When I only buy something off of Amazon around once a month, how in the world am I supposed to remember the password and login?

Luckily there are a variety of options out there today that can help you with this problem that many of us are facing. Depending on your internet competency, there is still a great route for you to take. First I will knock the three most obvious answers out of the way.

  • #1 Being to just write them all down on a piece of paper with the website name and store it in a safe spot. This is an acceptable option, but there safety is still not there. If you were to lose that piece of paper the next couple of weeks could be a scary time in your life as you scrambled to change them all.
  • #2 is to simply make a Microsoft word document out of them. This option is very similar to writing them down, but it does however create a little more of a safety net because it is much less likely that you will lose your whole computer.
  • #3 is for all you excel spreadsheet nuts out there. You can make an excel spreadsheet of your logins and passwords. This option has about the same security level as a word document bet lets you spruce it up a little.

Alternate Solution For Your Passwords

For all of us out there who have tried one of the above methods and are still not convinced that they work, or are always forgetting to update them when we start a new account at a different website, there are some online options that you can take. The first option that is out there is KeepPass. This is an online website that allows you to download the software. It basically is like an excel document except for the fact that it offers you a password to open the document. You will login into your computer and then have to enter in another password to be able to open you KeepPass area. This is similar to excel as well as the Microsoft word document. If you feel that this is the proper route for you, you can go to keeppass.info to be able to download the free software.

Evernote to The Rescue

There is also another option for the internet/mobile user called Evernote. Evernote is another option that you can download to your computer that is entered via a password. Evernote also includes as the name sounds to include a variety of information into the system that can be accessed from any computer. Along with Evernote if you are a smart phone user, there is note shelf that allows you to link your Evernote account to your cell phone so that you will also have access to the information you have stored while on the move. For those of us who do not find much time to sit at home, this could be a great option for you.

LastPass is The Way to Go

Finally there is what I consider to be the best and easiest option out there. LastPass is a new website as well that like the name implies, will be the last password you will ever need to remember. This site will actually give you the ability to store all of your passwords inside of their system, then when you go to the site that a password is required, LastPass will auto fill the login and Password for you. I enjoy using LastPass the most, and is arguably the fastest option out of all the ones previously laid out. Here is a demonstration of how to gain access to Last Pass and how it works.

Step 1: Go to www.lastpass.com

Then click on the Free Download Yellow button on the right side of your web page. After you have clicked on the download, there will be two options to download, either a 32 bit or a 64 bit. If you have a computer that is not new, or not upgraded, then you will want the 32 bit. Chances are if you have a 64 bit you know that you have it, so if you do not know, go with the 32 bit.

Step 2: Follow the download instructions by clicking on Run when the window pops up.

After you have downloaded, you will be taken to a screen that looks like this.

Step 3:Select language and browser.

After you have selected your language you will then be able to pick which internet browsers you would like LastPass to be installed on. It works with internet explorer, firefox, as well as google chrome.

Step 4:Open Account

After you have selected which browser you would like to use, then it will take you to the screen where you will need to open an account. You will need to create your account at this point in time. The screen will look like this.

Step 5: After you have entered in your info, then re-entered your password

You will be taken to a screen that gives you the option to allow your info to be put into LastPass. Click on “Yes”, let me choose what to put on LastPass.

Step 6: After you have selected Yes and clicked next

It will take you to another screen where it will tell you if any passwords have been found. Most likely there will be none found so just click the next button.

Step 7:Log Out

Finally you will be taken to a screen where you have the option to always stay logged into last pass, or be logged out when you close your browser. I prefer to be logged out when I close my internet window but the option is yours.

Step 8: Watch Video

After clicking done LastPass gives you the option to watch a short video tutorial on how to work LastPass. I would suggest watching the video to help you clear up and last minute questions as to how last pass actually works.

Step 9: Log Back In

After you have downloaded and watched the video, there will be a LastPass Vault on your desktop. Click this icon and then enter in the e-mail and login that you created. This will officially log you into LastPass.

Step 10: “Last” Step

The final step is to go to a site that you normally use and type in the login and Password, after you login LastPass will ask you if you would like to save this site, click save and you are done, you will never have to remember your password again! You will know it has worked when you go back to the site and the login and password are filled in with a red and white star next to the information.

Now you are done and will never need to remember your passwords ever again!

The software and applications discussed in this post are not affiliated with or endorsed by LPL Financial.




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