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This response by Elise was so personal and AWESOME that I had to ask her if she wouldn’t mind sharing it with all of you.

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Here’s here story of how she changed her financial mindset for the better. Enter Elise….


Two people that changed my financial mindset forever: Dave Ramsey and my daughter, Maryn Rose. For me, I knew my financial mindset had to change the second I sat in a chair at a local church for the first session of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and the DVD began playing.

As I stared at the TV, our 28-week little cantaloupe was kicking like crazy, sharing her own passion for what we were about to learn, and it sent me into a complete frenzy, wanting to rush home and start our budget spreadsheet right away.

My husband and I were rabid spenders.

We’d get paid on a Thursday, and between dinners at fancy restaurants, new wardrobes, and day trips to local resort towns, by Sunday we’d have less than $100 in our account. We always took care of paying our bills first, but anything extra just seemed to slip out of our fingers in a flash.

No saving, no plan, no future.

My mom had recommended Dave’s FPU class after going through it herself, but of course, we were the last people that we thought needed financial counsel. We had life insurance policies in place and were contributing heavily to our 401Ks. Little did we know, we were trapped in a 20-ft. hole with a 15 ft. rope, and although the end was within our grasp, we desperately needed a “lift” to climb out of the cavernous pit and reach the financial freedom we dreamed of.

After much cajoling from my mom, my husband and I agreed to attend FPU. With a baby on the way in a couple months, we could think of a million other things we’d rather be doing to prepare for her arrival, but we went kicking and screaming and thought,

“Hey, at least we’ll get some mid-day snacks out of it.”

Little did we know, it would change our financial paradigm forever.

Everything Dave spoke about in Lesson 1 was my husband and me to a tee. When he said, “You think it’s intimidating to deal with your finances? Well so is being broke!”

That one, small statement resonated with me for weeks after (and obviously still does.) I thought about how our current spending habits would lead us to nowhere but despair, and our future daughter did not deserve to be born into what Dave would call crisis living. That night, we went home and wrote down our financial plan.

A year later, we have started our emergency fund with $1,000 – Baby step #1, (you can read more here about Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps) and are feverishly attacking our debts. We can’t wait to give Dave’s show a call and scream


Although we know that’s a couple years down the road, we can now reach the rope and begin climbing, without any fear that it will start to fray.

Thank your for sharing your story Elise!  You can read more from her on her blog Ambitious Soul.


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