GF¢ 003: How The Rose’s Get Down With Their Money


“There’s a way of transferring funds that is even faster than electronic banking. It’s called marriage.”
- Oscar Wilde

A common question that my wife and I routinely get on our blogs is “How do you manage your finances as a couple?

The one thing that you need to know is this: It has not been easy.

In fact, when I think back to many of the arguments that my wife and I had in the beginning of our marriage in had to do with money.

Couples and Money

When I think about those arguments I realize how silly they were. But we were able to talk through our money issues and make it work.

Discussed In This Podcast

In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • Our first money experience and how it could have ruined us
  • How we handled getting rid our debt
  • The importance of frequent money talks
  • What to do when you have different money views
  • And more!

If you’re a young couple and looking for some guidance in handling your finances, learn from our mistakes!  :)

Below is a video that we filmed a while back discussing some of the same issues.

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Comments | 2 Responses

  1. Joline says

    Loved this segment! My boyfriend and I have lived together for 5 years with separate finances and never had a money talk. Now that I’m out of school and we are starting to purchase things for our house, look to buy a new house etc being on the same page is critical. Thanks for all the great info, it will be a
    Great starting point :)

  2. says

    Battle buddies!! LOL I absolutely love hearing the both of you. I love that part on how you really pushed the whole “it’s OUR money, not my money, even being the the bread winner.” I’m curious, how would you suggest getting over that obstacle in a marriage? Mandy should come on alot more. :)

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