GF¢ 005 – How to Add Awesome Habits to Your Daily Routine with James Clear


I’m obsessed with habits right now.

Like super obsessed.

how to break a bad habit

I earlier wrote about how to go about breaking a bad habit and replacing it with a good one. You can read that post here.

In that post I challenged my readers to join me in attempting to add a new positive habit in their life in 21 days.

The habits that I’m looking to add to my daily routine are doing 100 push-ups per day and reading the Bible for 10 minutes.

When I say that I’m obsessed here’s a picture that my wife took while doing push-ups at my CPA’s office:

new habit challenge

I was able to crank out 40 during that meeting. ;)

As my  interest obsessions of habits has grown, so has my reading research on the topic.

While attending a conference this past year, I met James Clear from  James does extensive research on the topic and has one of the best newsletters I subscribe to.  (You should subscribe, too)

I brought James on the show to share what he’s learned over the years.   He shares a ton of great info on here and I’m so glad he took the time to do this interview.

Items Discussed on This Podcast

  • What was the factor that James interesting in learning about habit formation.
  • What was some of the first habit changes that James tested in his personal life.
  • Learn about environment design and how that impacts your daily habits. (Loved this part)
  • Is there a difference in starting stopping a bad habit vs. starting a new one.
  • Learn more how about identity-based  habits and how they affect your goals


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