GF¢ 015: (Bragging Rights) Best Investments I’ve Ever Made


This is another post to to help kick off Operation: #investNOW where I’m inspiring 1 million people to start investing in themselves.

I previously shared some of the worst investments I’ve ever made.

Man were they horrible.

Especially the business venture that my wife still gives me crap to this day.   Love you, sweetie.  :)

Well luckily, I have had some investments that have paid off.

Some have paid off very well.

Best Investment I've Ever Made

How well?

I consider one of the investments to be the #1 factor that has doubled my revenue the past couple of years and will help multiply my revenue by more than 10 times over the next several years.

Yeah, that well.

What You’ll Learn In This Podcast

  • The 1st book I read that completed changed my business mindset
  • The stock that made me several thousand dollars that I bought while I was on duty in Iraq
  • The designation that gives me immediate street cred
  • The investment that I think everyone needs in their life.  Hint:  he’s watching you right now.  :)
  • And the largest investment I’ve ever made into my business
  • The smallest investment I’ve ever made but had yield me several hundred thousand dollars of revenue.

Resources Mentioned in This Podcast

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  1. kyith says

    1. Instead of trying your hands on all sorts of wealth building, a person could better build one successful wealth building process be it passive investing, active stock investing or real estate

    2. For all wealth building a common equating investment is in behavorial psychology, which is needed in almost all sorts of wealth building. If you have no idea what is confrimation bias, outcome bias, recency bias, disposition effect, the use of pre-commitment its time to make an early investment.

    3. kids opening roth IRA is good, but active mutual funds? survivorship bias and track records of active funds have shown that instead of building wealth, a neglect of (1) will cause you to learn the wrong thing due to outcome bias.

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