Sometimes it’s the little things in lives that can have a huge impact for the rest of your life.

I constantly meet with people regarding your their finances that fail to grasp that simple concept.

financial mindset

Here’s a reader question that involves having to rethink your financial mindset:

Love your blog and really enjoyed your thoughtful & thought-provoking recent podcast with Todd Tresidder. I’m a public school teacher in a large suburban district in Maryland, and we have a decent pension. But it’s been chipped away at in recent years. In short, I’m afraid that it won’t be there when it’s time for me to retire. I might be barking up the wrong tree here, but can you give any insight into how much faith I can/should put in a current pension being there 35 years from now? And how might that affect my short-, medium-, and long-term financial planning? If it matters, I’m 29 and currently single but likely to get married and maybe start a family in the not-too-distant future. Thanks!

Changing Your Mindset

I tackle this reader’s question on the latest GF¢ podcast and give you plenty to ponder.

I previously had a similar question from a reader that inspired this video:


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