How I got started investing.

People get overwhelmed with investing because they don’t know how; they’ve never had an example, or parents, family, or friends who have shown them how.

This podcast will show just how easy it is to invest.

First investments

My Investing Journey – Podcast Outline

  • First got started through Mom -Began investing for me when I was in high school – put $2,000 in a fixed annuity in a Roth IRA, purchased through an insurance agent. 4-4.5% return
    • Why would a 20-something have a fixed annuity? Think C.D. through an insurance company; does not make the 8, 9, 10% the market can make.
  • Moved into a Roth IRA to invest funds.
    • Lesson: If your parents have invested for you, FIND OUT what and how they have invested.
  • More exposure as a financial advisor, intern. First exposure to the stock market
    • This was when the tech bubble burst and our country went through 9/11 – the NASDAQ tanked, tech stocks were being sold 90% less than what they had been worth a year prior
    • First exposure to buying stock – Lucent (no longer exists), $8/share
      • 25% discount NOT on stock, but on commission.
      • Introduction to stock investing
  • Began a monthly investment in 1 mutual fund, didn’t know anything about it.
    • Began a Van Kampen Comstock fund at $25/month, which also went to a Roth IRA.
    • Lesson: You do NOT need a huge wad of cash to start investing – with compound interest, a small amount of money can turn into a big amount of money over time.
  • 3rd important part of the start of my investing journey – 401(k) with 6% matching at A.G. Edwards and Sons.
    • Great investment options, let you change options more than once/quarter, good track record with mutual funds
    • $25-$50/month + 10% 401(k)
    • It does NOT take a lot of money to get started investing – it all adds up.


Grow Your Dough Throwdown – See how I invested $1,000 across 7 different online platforms.

  • Best resources for beginning investors:
    • Betterment (for the beginning investor who needs a little more help)

GF¢ Podcast Sponsor

Big thanks to Betterment for being the official sponsor of the GF¢ podcast!  You can learn more how about how Betterment is changing the way you invest here.

My Investing Journey – Podcast Summary

In this podcast, you’ll learn the following:

  1. How my mom started an investment for me.
  2. What my first experience buying stock was like.
  3. How I built up my investments with a great 401(k) plan.
  4. Why you do NOT need a huge wad of cash to start investing.
  5. Resources for you to get started with investing
    1. Scottrade, for the more independent beginning investor (
    2. Betterment, which is great for the newbie investor (

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