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Hello everyone! This is the wife reporting in. I’m not here to give you any personal finance advice…in fact, I get all of mine from the man behind this blog.

But, I AM HERE to tell you that he’s MUCH more than just a guy who knows a lot about money and investing. He’s the king of hijacking my blog so I thought I’d return the favor…except I won’t be posting in any rap songs about how tight his body is. In case you missed that – just go here.


Most of you don’t get to see the side of him that we all see at home. And you’re missing out because he is one of the best dad’s on the planet.

He’s the first to suggest a trip to the park or a family hike or, heck, a 2 week RV adventure trip. There are lots of things in this world that we are seeing and doing because of this amazing man.


Sometimes when people become successful they tend to put their family second or third or fourth. But not my husband. Not our dad. He puts his family FIRST. We are so grateful for that!

He might be a crazy crossifitter or a In-N-Out Burger addict, but one thing he rarely tells you? He’s the best at wrestle matches on the bed and drops whatever he’s doing to give the kids a Superman ride.


So if you’ve ever wondered if he’s more than just a finance genius…the answer is YES. We love you so much daddy and we are so thankful for the man that you are!


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