How Financially Sexy Is Your Household?

I’m bringing budgets back…..ugh!

‘Cause people without budgets don’t know how to act….ugh!

They spend their money and they don’t keep track….

With those lyrics how can you NOT watch the video below? :)

My buddy J$ from Budgets are Sexy is off enjoy his new baby so I offered him a guest post. But just not any guest post…no!

I felt I needed to step up my game and do a video post. In addition to the video post, I had my wife make a silly picture that was Pinterest worthy.

Apparently, she thought putting a mustache on me was the missing link. Ahem.

How financially sexy is your household? Watch the video to see.

And be sure to head over the J$’s site and check out my guest post and wish him congrats on that new baby!

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Jeff Rose

Jeff Rose, Certified Financial Planner™ from Illinois. Jeff is also an Iraqi combat veteran, In-N-Out burger addict, and loves to do Crossfit.

One thought on “How Financially Sexy Is Your Household?”

  1. Nice video, hahahaha! I personally liked the parody of Justin’s sexy back. Oh and your wife also did a fine job with that mustache. I agree with the ideas you have shared in the video. Needless to say that I watched the beginning twice. Thanks for sharing!

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