This information was provided by Kandis Bates, President, Invest in Others Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Following this week’s catastrophic earthquake and aftershocks in Haiti, we have heard from many of you who have asked how you can help the international relief efforts.  These horrific events remind us that natural disasters can strike at any time in any place, and that very often recovery requires the collective efforts of citizens, businesses, and governments across the world.

Edifici distrutti, Port-au-Prince
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ucodep

In response, LPL Financial is currently establishing a disaster relief program that will create a centralized resource for directing—and matching—donations to relief organizations during times of crisis. Additional information on this program will be made available shortly.

In the interim, if you would like to make a gift immediately, there are a number of experienced agencies on the ground in Haiti making an impact. Following is a list of just a few who are mobilized and hard at work to ease the suffering of the disaster victims:

How To Make a Donation to Haiti

  • The American Red Cross is focused on feeding, sheltering, and supplying other basic needs.  Doctors Without Borders has sent medical supplies and additional doctors to the island and set up makeshift emergency medical response centers to help the injured.
  • Oxfam America has a staff on the ground in Haiti, and a team of emergency specialists based in the capital will be responding with public health, water, and sanitation services to prevent the spread of waterborne disease.
  • UNICEF will deploy essential aid—including safe water, sanitation supplies, therapeutic foods, medical supplies and temporary shelter materials.  It will focus on children who have become separated from their families.
Edificio distrutto, Port-au-Prince
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ucodep

Thank you for your concern and commitment to supporting our global community.


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