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There’s nothing more frustrating than saving every dollar possible and still coming up short on your monthly expenses or barely making a dent when paying down debt.

10 Easy Ways To Make Money on the Side

Despite our best efforts to live frugally, clipping coupons and brown-bagging lunch doesn’t always cut it. Sometimes the only solution is to add more income to the mix and with the recent two-percent payroll tax increase, it may not seem realistic.

Luckily, there are several easy ways to beef up your cash flow without distracting from your regular 9 to 5. Review these 10 suggestions on how to make some extra money on the side.

Making Money On the Side

1Cash in Clutter

In a recent attempt to clear out all of the stuff I accumulated since I moved from New York over five years ago, I discovered there are great options for selling your stuff beyond garage sales or Craigslist. One of my favorite sites is, which helps you sell your unwanted gift cards for cash.

As it turns out, the average American household has $300 in gift cards just sitting around so consider searching your sock and kitchen drawer for any unused cards. Then there’s that drawer full of old cell phones. With mobile manufacturers continually launching new models and cellular providers offering upgrades every couple of years, it’s no wonder most people have a collection of outdated phones. That’s why I was pleased to find who will happily buy those from you. For more ideas on where to sell your “junk,” watch my recent segment on this topic on The Marie Osmund Show.

2Educate the World

Do algebraic equations fear your problem-solving power? Are you an expert ivory tickler? People young and old are always looking to learn something new. Consider teaching piano lessons for a few hours a week or helping someone learn a second language. Tutoring doesn’t take much time and helps strengthen skills you already have. You can post flyers around town or list your services online at a tutor referral site like

3Help Out Others

Many daily chores that are easy for you can be a huge hassle for someone else. That’s where comes in. The site helps you find other users who need help with simple tasks such as grocery shopping that pays a few bucks to more lucrative opportunities like event set up or even assisting in a job hunt.

Each task includes a set payment price, and most can be completed in your spare time.

4Open an Online Store

Thanks to the Internet, entrepreneurship is easier than ever. Sites like and even eBay let you open your own virtual storefront. Both charge a small percentage of each sale, but no membership or sign-up fees are required. Etsy tends to focus on homemade crafts and jewelry, while anything and everything can be sold on eBay.

Note from Jeff:  My good buddy Steve Chou from has created an online course that people step by step in building their own online store.  His wife was able to quit her job and together their online store produces in the six figures. If interested, check out his Profitable Online Store course here.

5Unload Your Wardrobe

A closet full of outfits that never see the sun doesn’t do anything to help your finances nor your fashion sense. You can always hang on to them in the unlikely scenario you learn to love them again, or you can consign them for cash. Clothes Mentor is a fast-growing national chain of stores that buy gently-used clothes.

If there are no locations nearby, small boutiques often accept on-trend fashions or you can try The popular online consigner provides a shipping label, so there’s no added cost to you for sending in your clothes.

6Rent Your Car

Look at your lazy car out there in the parking lot. It’s just sitting around while you slave away in an office for eight hours to accommodate its endless demands for gas. Turn the tables and use to put your car to work. The site connects you with locals looking to rent a car by the hour and includes insurance.

If the thought of renting your car to complete strangers makes you uneasy, start by renting out your parking spot on instead.

7Use Underutilized Skills

Everyone has a talent they rarely get an opportunity to use. Whether you’re a master of Web design or you fancy yourself a wordsmith, puts you in contact with people who will pay for your superb skills. To date, over $710 million has been paid to freelancers featured on the site.

8Rent a Room

If you’re anything like me, you’ll save this one as a last resort. However, if you’re living in a house or apartment with empty bedrooms, renting them out is one of the easiest ways to pick up a big chunk of change. Imagine how much extra money you’d have if you cut your living expenses in half. You don’t need to commit to a regular tenant either. Sometimes renting out a room during a popular holiday can bring you some much needed cash.

I know a couple who live in a popular part of downtown Manhattan. Every holiday season they move in with friends for two weeks in turn for earning a few months rent from travelers looking to experience the Christmas wonder of NYC. Sites like, makes it easy to list and rent out your property to potential guests.

Alternatively, you can make money by leasing idle work space should you own or rent your own office through

9Finding Your Focus

Who wouldn’t want to get paid to share their opinions? I don’t know about you, but I’m already giving plenty of them away for free. is a great resource for finding legitimate focus groups in your area that pay cash. Even if you don’t have an opinion on the latest lawn mower, $50 is incentive enough to form one.

10Be a Referee

You might have to take a class for certification, but working as a youth-sports referee is an easy way to get paid in your free time. It’s a part-time gig best suited for those with patience, as you’re bound to encounter the occasional screaming soccer parent. On top of the cash, it’s an easy way to get exercise and soak up some sun after work or on the weekends.

Andrea Woroch is a nationally-recognized consumer and money-saving expert and regularly contributes to news topics about consumer and retail trends. She has been interviewed by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Kipliner’s Personal Finance and has been featured on national TV shows like Today Show, Dr. OZ and CNN. Follow her on Twitter for daily savings advice or visit for more information.


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    Great points! Then there is shopping for money: mystery shoppers. I first thought it was a scam, but I signed up. I don’t do many, but I’ve gotten my car serviced for free and picked up some spending money for a few minutes each time.

  2. says

    Mystery shopping sounds like so much fun! I have yet to try it, but definitely sounds like a great way to make some pocket change or even enough to cover your Internet bill perhaps.

  3. says

    These are some great ideas. Another one, especially with the nicer weather coming about is Yard Sales. They are a fabulous way of recycling your goods! They say one person’s junk is another person’s treasure… why hold onto it?

  4. says

    If you are musically talented or know how to hit some buckets with a drumstick, then you can make money. Street performers can make up to 40 bucks an hour if you have a good spot. It’s a better gig than you think.

  5. says

    Selling your unwanted possessions on-line or off-line is a reoccurring theme, and a great way of generating extra income. Many people (myself included) have stuff just sitting around their houses, collecting dirt. Just a few hours of work can de-clutter your home and put some extra bucks in your wallet.

  6. Keely says

    You can also sell your used books online at You make more money than at a yard sale and its less work than Ebay or Craigslist. You just enter the ISBNs of the book on the site and get your offers. You don’t have to take pictures, arrange for a meeting place/time, or any of that stuff. You get the offer, pack the books and and send them in using their free label. It’s a great way to make some extra money on books you have around the house or on your college textbooks.

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