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I stumbled upon your Youtube videos after searching for a Scott Trade tutorial and you do a great job it’s all very helpful. I’m a recent Binghamton University Grad and just passed my CPA, but I’m a novice investor and have the opportunity to start now. My grandmother recently passed, and her will bequeathed my sister and I $10,000 each.

I’m looking to open a Scottrade account and take a more aggressive approach with stocks since I’m young. We aren’t telling my sister of the money though because she’ll end up spending it in an instant. What can I do with her share to mitigate risk and make sure the principal is there for her in say, 5 years, when she might be ready to use it to start a business or something.

Also, any advice for what might benefit me would be very helpful and much appreciated. Thanks so much, hope to hear from you soon.


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    You really have to be careful with other people’s money, even if you are the legal guardian or power of attorney. Although I too appreciate the sentiment, but would caution you about keeping secrets… unless your sister is a minor and you are her guardian or trustee.

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