If you are the proud owner of either an Android, or the iPhone, you have access to some great tricks to control your finances you might not even be aware of. Even my Blackberry has some pretty cool apps, but I’m still drooling over the new iPhone. There are thousands of apps out there for both the Android and the iPhone. Sticking to the personal finance realm, I have compiled what I consider to be the best financial planning and investment apps out there. Most of these apps can be found on both the Android and the iPhone, however some are exclusive. Whether they will remain exclusive to either system for long is probably unlikely due to the fierce competition in the app world, but for now there are some perks to owning a specific one.

Personal Finance Apps for iPhone and Android

The personal finance apps cover a wide variety of topics from budgeting, to keeping track of expenses, finding a local bank branch or ATM, and in some instances can even save you a tremendous amount of money and time. The First app which is offered on both the Android and the iPhone is Mint.

1. Mint

Mint App

I’ve been a big fan of Mint.com for quite sometime, so it’s pretty exciting that they released an app. Mint is actually an online program that allows you to store all of your financial information in a single easy to use location for free. That’s right; this app is a FREE one. By going to mint.com you can safely and securely enter in all of your savings accounts, loan arrangements as well auto loans and checking accounts. Mint will put all of the information in a very user friendly fashion so that you the consumer can manage all of your finances with just a glimpse of your computer screen. Now the great part about Mint is you can access this info on the move through your Mint app on your phone, so next time you’re standing in line debating on whether to use a check card or credit, you can turn to Mint for the proper solution.


Financial Apps For Simplying Your Life - iPhone vs. Android

Need Money?

Depending upon whether you have an Android or an iPhone ATM Hunter (iPhone) or ATM (Android) is another mobile app you should have with you. On this mobile app you can locate the closest ATM’s, Banks, and Credit Unions. By simply searching from your location, the app will locate the nearest ATM/Bank and give you step by step instructions on how to get there. This app is perfect for vacations or when you are out and about in a new city. This app is free on both the iPhone and the Android systems.

3. Barcode Reader/Barcode Scanner

Financial Apps For Simplying Your Life - iPhone vs. Android

Scan and Save

Barcode reader (iPhone) and Barcode Scanner (Android) are both apps that allow you to scan the barcode of any item in a store. By scanning the barcode your phone will automatically access the internet and search Google, Amazon as well as Google product search and other online shopping venues to compare the prices. Although this app may not save you money on a gallon of milk or a bottle of soda, it can save you in some case hundreds of dollars on big ticket item.

I have a friend who personally used the iPhone Barcode reader and saved himself $400 on a HDTV that he was about to purchase at Best Buy. By simply pulling out his phone and taking a picture of the barcode with the app open, his phone found the same television on sale through Amazon for a much cheaper price. Along with the price comparison the barcode scanner or reader will also give you a short synopsis or review about the product you are about to purchase as well. Again this app is free on both the iPhone and Android operating systems.

Since my wife does have the Droid, we’ll be downloading this app ASAP. She is the queen of finding deals so this app is perfect for her.

4. PayPal

Best Financial Mobile Apps For Simplying Your Life - iPhone vs. Android

Let's Bump

PayPal is available for the iPhone as well as the Android operating systems. The PayPal mobile app is great for on the go transactions and transfers. With the PayPal app you can check your balance at anytime, withdraw funds from your PayPal account, or even transfer money from your PayPal account directly into your bank account. The app is very easy to use and could be a great tool for any online shopper. PayPal app also includes a new “bump” feature which will allow you to transfer contacts or funds from one I-Phone to another by simply touching the phones together! How freaking cool is that?

5. Turbo Tax

Taxes Can Be Easy

The turbo tax app which is also available for the Android or iPhone systems is a great way to monitor your tax liability throughout the year. By simply adding your information into the app like income as well as a list of deductions, your turbo tax app will give you an up to date estimate of how much you will owe, or how much you will receive. Turbo Tax has also added the new stimulus features into the app to account for changing tax legislation. So if you are looking to have no surprises on April 15th, turbo tax would be a great way for you to plan ahead. If I didn’t have a CPA to handle my tax stuff I would be downloading this app immediately.

6. Fresh Xpense: (suggested by Nerdwallet.com)

Meticulous Spending

Whether you are very meticulous about your spending habits, or would like to start keeping better track of where your money is going, Fresh Xpense is for you. You will have to open a free account online (which can be easily done through the app) which will monitor your expenditures. Every time you spend money, put the details of the transaction into your Fresh Xpense app and it will automatically post it to the web site. After your transactions have been entered, you can go online at any time and look at detailed reports on how you are spending your money. It is an accrual based system so you can even keep track of your expenses over years!

Best Mobile Apps for Investments

Best Mobile Apps for Investments
Creative Commons License photo credit: smemon87
If you are a savvy investor or just like monitoring the market, then there are plenty of mobile apps out there that can suit your needs. Both the Android and the iPhone have lots of these types of investment apps to choose from that include stock tracking, actual trading as well as access to your online portfolio and live streaming news.

7. Google Finance/ Yahoo Finance

Both the Android as well as the iPhone have access to Yahoo finance apps and Google Finance apps. These apps will allow you to find live news as well as streaming quotes while you are anywhere in the world. If you have a preference online as to which finance site you like better then by owning either phone you will have access to both sites.

One perk to having the app on your phone is the ability to access your pre-made watch lists or portfolios that you have made online. If you do not already have one, you can create one through the app so that you can track your favorite stocks on the go.

8. Puluwai

Real Estate on the go

If the stock market is not for you then Android has your answer, using the FREE app, you will be able to quickly and easily browse real estate property that you are interested in. You can search for property available either by location or with a simple GPS search which will search for all homes around you currently for sale. If you’re looking to buy a new house, or looking at real estate as an investment opportunity, than you need Puluwai on your Android device.

Loan Calculator

Now, more than ever, when we are looking to make a major investment or purchase we are swamped with different types of loan arrangements. You can get a flex rate Mortgage, Fixed mortgages, Convertible mortgages, balloon mortgages as well as a ton of other fancy jargon that you might not understand. With loan calculator, you can decipher all of these complex terms into an easy to use format, monthly payment and duration of monthly payments. That’s right, you can pick the type of mortgage that you will be receiving, put in the rate and compounding period, then put in the stated duration and you will receive the actual monthly payment as well as the duration of the payments. This app will cost roughly a dollar on either the Android or iPhone platforms.

Which Apps should I buy?

I just got my first taste of apps with my newly purchased iPad. There are so many to buy and I see how it can be overwhelming. What apps you need is totally dependent upon the type of person as well as consumer you are. I personally suggest all of the apps listed above, but there are thousands of other great apps out there for you to choose from. Whether you own the Android, or the iPhone, there are more apps out there that can take care of more things for you than you may have ever dreamed of.

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  2. Siamond Rock says

    Also included in this list should be Today in Private Equity News App

    This App is top rated on the AppStore and is a great one-stop App for real-time news and analysis on U.S. Politics.
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  3. jkn says

    For Android I would recommend Budget My Money for personal finance tracking. It tracks upcoming expenses and tells you how much money you will have in the future (and when you have the least!).

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