As far as the participation of #LifeAWARE, a blog movement focused around bringing awareness to the importance of life insurance, was a success, it has to be more than that.

Bringing awareness means nothing if the intended audience, the 58,000,000 households, who are under insured do nothing about it.

Then the movement becomes nothing more than just a cool thing that people talk about.

We’ve all heard the reasoning behind the importance of buying life insurance.

Usually that advice is being pushed down our throats by insurance agents and commercials on TV.

Until you actually hear a personal story of how life insurance made a difference, how life insurance made a huge impact on individuals lives it doesn’t really hit home.

Before I share a personal story of someone that contacted me because of the movement I wanted to point out a few of the articles that I’ve found and also share the personal story.  These stories are not only touching, but they’re also a reinforcement of why I did the #LifeAWARE movement.

  •  Love of family and home, Life Insurance Movement….#LifeAware: Sharing a personal story about how life insurance played an intricate role in our family.
  •  Tara Newby, Life Insurance is a Gift!: My two little boys and i lost our husband and daddy but we were given the gift of Life insurance!!! Protect your family too!

Both of those are very touching reads.  Please check them out.

And now the touching email that was sent to me.


After a year-long battle with cancer, my husband passed away in 1995.

I was 45 years old with 2 children, ages 11 and 16.

I do want to clarify that I am a college graduate and was a high school teacher making a decent salary.

My job meant I had health insurance and security.

However, our life insurance policy gave me more than all that.

Our Life Insurance is so Much More

Our life insurance policy meant that I could have a peace of mind about providing for my children.

Our life insurance policy meant that I could continue to provide the same lifestyle that my children had prior to my husband’s death.

Our life insurance policy meant I could put two children through college, so that they could graduate debt free with no student loans.

Our life insurance policy meant that I could buy a car for each child. Our life insurance policy meant that my children could enjoy their lives without financial fretting from their mom.

Our life insurance policy meant they could do the things that my husband and I would’ve provided had he been alive.

Our life insurance policy allowed my children and me to live our lives, not just survive our lives.

Erasing Worry

Please understand that it was very difficult to raise two children who missed their dad every single day, in addition to my own sense of loss. It is beyond devastating to lose your spouse and for children to lose their father.

But – having life insurance meant I did NOT have to worry about MONEY.

I canNOT imagine in my wildest dreams the burden this would have been had we not had life insurance.


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    Existence coverage not just provides receivers with satisfaction, it provides customers with satisfaction too. The idea of departing family members behind with no financial assets to handle their everyday expenses is intolerable for most of us to think about.

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    the best thing you can do, is call the insurance copamny and tell them. The reason is that it may buy you some time, even a partial payment looks better than nothing, so send them something, most people, don’t say or write to explain, and believe it or not, you are better off communicating with the insurance, sometimes there you talk to them, work a deal, and later get a cancellation notice, with maybe a small refund. DON’T PANIC, DON’T CASH THE REFUND, AS LONG AS THAT REFUND CHECK IS NOT CASHED, YOU STILL HAVE INSURANCE sometimes even when you make a payment arrangement the computer generates a letter, and someone else just mails it by mistake, you then call back with the details of who, and when, and what the arrangement was, because you made notes when you called to arrange late payments, it works, but pay it as soon as you can, Keep in mind, things are tough all over, insurance companies know this, but if you do not ccommunicate they will not know, and if you get some real butt head on the phone, don’t argue, hang up asap, call back in an hour and find someone who just ate lunch, they may want to help you if they can, you never know, its always worth a phone call, good luck.

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