Life Insurance Movement #lifeawareLife Insurance Awareness month is still live and kicking!

Amazingly the Life Insurance Movement which took place on August 22nd is still making it’s presence.

The movements Twitter hashtag #LifeAWARE can still be found to this day.

Great stuff!

The Life Foundation and FINCON

The Life Foundation was a key partner in getting the awareness that I felt the Life Insurance Movement deserved.  Their passion of educating families on the importance of life insurance equals that of my own.

When they got wind that I was heading to the Financial Bloggers conference in Denver earlier this month, they were quick  on tasking me with the assignment of interviewing some of the top personal finance bloggers on why they took part in the movement and why life insurance is important to them.

See what they had to say….

 Special Recognition

The Life Foundation also wanted to highlight some of there favorite posts from the life insurance movement.  Remember, over 160 posts on life insurance went live that day so there were a ton of great options to chose from.  In no particular order, here’s some of their (and my) favorites:

And the Lucky Winner for the Top Post:

Congrats to Melissa for her 1. Awesome Post!  and 2. Taking down the prize of the Dr. Dre headphones and gift card.   Well deserved!

Other Cool Vlogs

Think life insurance has to be stuffy and boring?   News 3 morning anchorman and wresting fanatic of My 123 Cents, Kevin Hunsperger put together this hilarious video:

My Fillipino brother from another mother, Matt Sapaula got perspectives from his business team of what life insurance meant to them. Thanks Matt for taking the time and also including my dance moves in the video. :)

September is Life Insurance Awareness month. If you don’t have any, take action right now.



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  1. says

    Thanks again Jeff for putting this on. And thanks for making Life Insurance something fun to talk about. I really do hope this has raised awareness for people who have too little or no life insurance to step up and protect their families.

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