Last week, I was able to attend my first LPL Financial conference held at the McCormick place in beautiful downtown Chicago, Illinois. I have been to many conferences in the past and have always enjoyed them because I always walked away with a new idea or some good information. This was my first LPL conference, so I really didn’t know what to expect.

Conference Well Done

Walking away, I was very impressed of the conference of how well it was put on. LPL did a fantastic job of having plenty of vendors available and offering breakout sessions to where I could get up-to-date information on new  economic and investment trends. In addition to that, LPL was gracious enough to have Sheryl Crow open the conference on Monday and then Bonnie Raitt close show on Thursday. Sheryl Crow was an amazing performer and a true class act. In addition to these great performers, I was able to meet one of my childhood idols, Ozzie Smith, retired St. Louis Cardinal and Hall of Famer  That alone was a great moment. I felt like a kid getting waiting in line to get him sign my Rawlings Major League official baseball. I also got a chance to meet Goose Gossage, retired pitcher and also Hall of Famer. Me being a baseball junkie, made meeting those two hall of famers the highlight of the trip. Bonnie Raitt, as I said, did close the show, but I had already been gone from my family for a few days and couldn’t go any longer; so I had to get home to see the little one. So I missed out on Bonnie this year, but it gives me much anticipation to look forward to the next conference in 2009.

In upcoming posts I plan on sharing some of the useful information I learned in the breakout session, so stay tuned.


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