This is the kickoff post for my next blog movement Operation: #investNOW. This is just the beginning with much more to come.

Your Parents Were Right

Don’t worry. I didn’t listen either.

How many times did your parents or some grownup tell you “You need to start investing“?

My parents would tell me that ALL the time but I never listened.

The fact was I really didn’t know how.

Operation investNOW

I Got Lucky

I literally stumbled into becoming a financial advisor.

Before I started my career I had never invested before, and frankly still didn’t really understand the importance of doing so. That was until I had a client meeting that would change my perception of investing for good.

I was meeting with a couple that was in their early 60s and was hoping that they could retire. When I had a chance to pour through their financials which didn’t take long at all, I found out the likelihood of them retiring was about 0%.

The total savings that they had was roughly around $30,000 and other than social security they had nothing else. I didn’t have the guts to tell them that they were screwed but I politely did let them know that retiring any time soon was probably not going to happen.

I think they already knew the answer but were hoping that meeting with a financial expert might shed some light on something that they weren’t aware of. The next statement is something that I’ll never forget even to this day.

They told me flat out that they wish they would have started saving earlier and they wish they would have saved more.

It was so simple but so true.

Reality Sets In

Immediately I had flashbacks of all the times that my parents told me that I needed to start investing and it really hit me that if I didn’t start investing now, if I didn’t start investing more, that one day I would be this couple on the other side of my desk.

Screw that I thought. I don’t want to become them and I don’t want others to become them either.

“Invest in yourself. Your career is the engine of your wealth.” – Paul Clitheroe

How I Took the Investing Plunge

The first step for me was investing into mutual funds. From there I invested into some stocks. I’ve tried peer to peer lending. I’ve also dabbled in real estate.

Other ways I invested myself is investing into starting my own business, getting my CFP® certification, and joining my first coaching program.

What I’ve realized over the years is that there are many different types of ways that you can invest, but the key factor is when it comes to investing you just have to start.

You have to invest now.

What Operation: #investNOW is All About

“You have to be constantly reinventing yourself and investing in the future.” – Reid Hoffman

Operation: #investNOW is about YOU.

By taking the pledge and joining this mission I’m committed to giving you the tools and resources you need to succeed.

As a free gift, I’ve already prepared the Awesome Investor Toolkit. It’s packed full of tools that I uses to make myself a better investor.

Going forward I’ll be dedicating blog posts, case studies, podcasts, videos, courses and much more to support your efforts.

Seriously, you have no excuses to not join!

investNOW the journey

It’s time to invest in yourself.

It’s time to #investNOW.

If you’re ready to take the pledge and invest in yourself, go HERE and choose the path that you plan on investing in yourself (stock market, personal development, small business/real estate).

“The best time to invest in yourself is right now.” – Jeff Rose, CFP® >> Click to Tweet


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  1. Alyse Packer says

    This is really exciting! I can’t wait to go through the toolkit. Also, I’m new to GF¢, but I want to know what financial test you took while you were in Bagdad. I thought I awesome because I took the Series 7 three days before my due date – but studying for a financial test everyday after completing 8-10 hour missions? -that’s pretty intense.

    • says

      @ Alyse I’m still adding tools as we speak so stay tuned!

      The test I took was for the CRPC (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor) designation. I was under the impression that getting that designation for the first step in getting the CFP hence why I went through the trouble of getting it. I didn’t find out until much later that they are completely unrelated. Doh!

      Either way I was proud that I had the discipline to study and pass the exam and I did learn from it.

      Thanks for listening and glad you found the blog!

  2. Ryan Michler says

    Jeff, I love what you’re doing. We are on a similar path! I’m just a bit behind you. I’m an investment adviser in Southern Utah and Iraqi Combat Veteran as well. I appreciate what you’re doing to spread the word of building wealth. Keep up the great work!

      • Ryan Michler says

        I spent 6 years in the Army National Guard and 2 years active-duty Army in Iraq in 2005 and 2006. How about you? I’d love to connect through email or over the phone some time to talk about your thoughts with the investNow movement and Good Financial Cents…

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