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9 Money Tips Every College Student Should Know So They Don’t Graduate Broke

I knew nothing about managing money in college. Even though I was a finance major, I was horrible at actually managing money. How horrible?   How about unnecessary student loan debt, 2 credit cards nearly maxed out, and literally nothing in my savings account even though I had two part-time jobs and National Guard money […]

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GF¢ 025: Top 6 Mistakes That Will Screw Up Your Retirement

Podcast: Play in new window | Download No one likes to get screwed. It’s not a fun feeling and personally it irritates the crap out of me. But what happens when you screw yourself? That’s definitely not cool! I’ve been a financial advisor for over 12 years now and I’ve seen plenty of people screw […]

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IRS Gifting Rules for 2014

The holiday season is already behind us but that doesn’t mean you still can’t give the perfect gift. In the financial world, the term gift has a whole new meaning as it pertains to estate planning. Many investors look to “gift” a portion of their estate to prevent having to pay a hefty estate tax […]

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Changes to the Child Tax Credit for 2014

If you’re like me, you like to get every tax credit that you can. Why not, right? It’s like buying something that you know you are going to have to buy, and having a coupon for it. It would be silly not to use it. The only problem with tax credits is that it’s hard […]

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GF¢ 024: How to Buy Back More of Your Time With Outsourcing

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Chris Ducker is the outsourcing king. He runs an outsourcing company that helps small business owners grow their business, and has also automated his own business to “buy back” more of his time, so he can spend it doing what he loves. In short, Chris Ducker is my […]

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50 Experts Share Their First Investment Ever

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” ~ Zig Ziglar To be good at anything, you have to first get started.  This applies to investing as well. Before I made my first investment, I knew nothing about investing.   Heck, I really couldn’t even explain what […]

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GF¢ 023: How Do Financial Advisors {REALLY} Get Paid

Podcast: Play in new window | Download What’s the #1 Question You Should Ask a Financial Advisor before You Hire Them? Hint: It has everything to do about money. In particular – your money. In this podcast, I address the #1 question you should ask your financial advisor before you agree to hire them. I […]

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When Are Your 2013 Taxes Due? Tax Filing Deadline in 2014

If you are like 40% of the population, you will file your tax return as soon as you possibly can in order to A) get it over with and/or B) receive your refund more quickly. More than thirty-eight million taxpayers in the United States file by the end of February. However, if you are one […]

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GF¢ 022: How to REALLY Invest In Yourself with Liz Dialto

Podcast: Play in new window | Download I love hearing stories of people that are willing to take risks to follow their dream. Especially when they make it.   That’s when the goosebumps kick in! Liz Dialto is a dreamer, an action taker, and risk taker extraordinaire. My wife and I interviewed Liz for our […]

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5 Financial Lessons I Learned from CrossFit

This post come to you from Ryan Michler from Turns out Ryan is just as obsessed with Crossfit as I am.  I’ve been doing Crossfit since 2005 when I was deployed to Iraq and absolutely love it. It has helped improve my overall fitness and also carried over positive influence into other areas of […]

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GF¢ 021: My Investing Journey – How I Got Started Investing

Podcast: Play in new window | Download How I got started investing. People get overwhelmed with investing because they don’t know how; they’ve never had an example, or parents, family, or friends who have shown them how. This podcast will show just how easy it is to invest.

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How to Get Out of a Bad Annuity (without breaking the bank)

See if this situation sounds familiar… I recently had a call from an individual who had left his job, and he needed to roll over his 401(k). Not having a financial advisor, he relied on the referral of a neighbor on who he should work with. Without doing any more research, he met with the […]

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