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15 Ways to Invest $10,000

Do you remember the first time you wrote a check for $100? The first $100 check I wrote was for my cell phone waaayyy back in 1997.  Whoa....that brings back memories.…

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5 Ways You’re Networking Terribly Wrong

We've all been there. You're at an event and get cornered by a narcissist. You try to escape, but it's no use. You're stuck in networking hell. In life --…

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16 Hobbies That Can Actually Make You Money

It all started with the 1986 Donruss Jose Canseco Rated Rookie Card. At the time, it was the holy grail of any kid that loved sports. And it was also…

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GF¢ 047: Crushing Goals for 2015

"Dream small dreams. If you make them too big, you get overwhelmed and you don't do anything. If you make small goals and accomplish them, it gives you the confidence to go on to higher goals." John H. Johnson By…

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