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Don’t Get Sucker Punched By Your Own Debt Denial

“Oh, we don’t have that much debt. Our house is paid off. We don’t have that many consumer loans.” These famous last words were uttered by a couple who had come to me for help with retirement planning. They were about 10 years out from retirement, and although their savings weren’t as robust as they […]

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How to Outsmart Consumer Culture

It’s everywhere. In advertisements, on TV, at the supermarket. All over town, shiny new products are sitting on shelves, calling out your name, inundating you with a desire to buy. What do we call this? In a word (or two): “consumer culture.” Not only does buying something tickle the fancy of our desires, it tickles […]

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The Top 16 Careers for the Future

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones that knows what they want to do when they grow up at birth, then finding the perfect career path is never an easy decision. Always keep in mind that finding your dream job often comes after having a variety of experiences in different industries before settling into that […]

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The How To Guide for Becoming a Financial Planner

This is a guest post by Dave Grant of Finance For Teachers.   Being a financial planner I get asked all the time how others can get started in our business.  I’ve shared on the blog before how I got started, how I became a CFP®, and what it takes to become a successful financial […]

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How to Raise Your Credit Score Over 110 Points in Less Than 5 Months

This story is featured in my new book, Soldier of Finance, now available at all major book retailers A previous intern of mine, Kevin, was oblivious to what his credit score was. His parents had always told him to not open a credit card in fear that he would get in massive credit card debt […]

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Soldier of Finance Has LAUNCHED!!

The big day is finally here – my book, Soldier of Finance, has officially launched. My book has already been in stores, but September 9th was the actual release day. I’ve been blasting it all over Facebook – can you blame me?  I think what was most surreal is when my wife and I stopped […]

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How a $75 Parking Ticket Almost Ruined My Life

This story is featured in my new book, Soldier of Finance, now available at all major book retailers I was quickly on the path to becoming a loser all because of a stupid parking ticket. That parking ticket made me initially lose hope and give up on myself. It’s one of the few times in […]

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Are You Talking About The Sandwich Generation?

Did you know that July is national “Sandwich Generation” month? And not in the cold cuts and extra pickles kind of way. The Sandwich Generation is a term used to describe those who find themselves ‘sandwiched’ between two generations – providing financial care for family members in the generation above and below, while still having to […]

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Dollars and Cents: Don’t Trust the Market, Should I Invest Into a Business?

It’s time for another edition of Dollar and Cents. This is where I answer one of your questions. If you have a question, either use the contact form on the blog or use my Facebook Fanpage. I have a question about my doctor friend who is in a financial fix. He is a full time […]

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How to Make Sure You Don’t Hire the WRONG Architect to Build Your Dream Home

A couple years ago my wife and I set off on the journey of building our first home together. It was going to be our dream home. To say that the process was a bit stressful is a slight understatement. We both had an idea of what kind of house we wanted, but the location […]

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7 Questions to Ask as You Choose a Real Estate Agent to Help You Sell Your House

I’m at a very exciting crossroads. We might be moving in the next few months. My husband is interviewing for a job in another state, and so far, we feel good about the whole situation. For us, this means that we might have to sell our home. Yes, we could sell it ourselves without the help […]

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Soldier of Finance Pre-Sale Begins {NOW}

If you’ve been following me on social media lately, you might have noticed that I have something BIG that’s been looming for quite some time. The following Facebook update might give you a clue: Yes, after over 4 years in the making my 1st book, Soldier of Finance, is close to hitting shelves across the […]

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