In honor of all those that have served and given the ultimate sacrifice, I salute you.  First, I want to recognize the innocent that were slain at Ft. Hood.   Such a cowardly act that took their lives.

Fort Hood’s Deceased

This information was provided by the Wall Street Journal.  You can see the original article here.

Remembering a Fallen Brother

SSG Joshua Melton

SSG Joshua Melton

Today is the hardest Veteran’s Day I’ve had to deal with.  While many are celebrating that they get the day off and enjoying Veteran’s Day discount and deals, I’m saddened when I remember that SSG Joshua Melton gave his life for our country.  Josh and I served overseas in Iraq, and he then returned to a 2nd tour if Afghanistan where a roadside bomb took his life.   He is the veteran who deserves to be honored today, not me.  I’m just a guy who did what was asked  of me and thankful that I can honor those that aren’t with us today.   God bless those that have lost a loved one in the military.  My heart and prayers go out to you today.

josh melton

Always Remembered

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