It’s that time of year when the maroon madness comes out to cheer for our Salukis.  “Floor Burn –U” looks to make its way back to the Sweet Sixteen this year after an off year last year.

New Cast

This year brings a new cast of players including Kevin Dillard, former Mr. Basketball of Illinois. The first Mr. Basketball of Illinois to ever play for SIU, Dillard averaged 23.3 points per game at Homewood-Flossmoor High School last season.  One of the Salukis’ chief ball handlers this season, Dillard showed some offensive flair last week at practice, dropping a few 3-pointers and getting to the basket off the bounce.

Veterans Will Step Up

Leading the newcomers will be veteran guard Bryan Mullins, last year’s Missouri Valley Defense Player First Team.  With a young team we can expect high energy and great athleticism.  Can’t wait until tonight’s game.

Go Salukis!


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