If you’ve been following me on social media lately, you might have noticed that I have something BIG that’s been looming for quite some time.

The following Facebook update might give you a clue:

Faceboook SOF udpate

Yes, after over 4 years in the making my 1st book, Soldier of Finance, is close to hitting shelves across the U.S.

Has it really been over 4 years?  It sure has!

I can remember when I first got the idea to write the book. Well, I actually didn’t come up with the idea.

It all started through a random meeting with a CNBC executive producer (that’s a whole other story for another day). She, knowing my military background, gave me the idea to write a book that tied in the “soldier’s discipline to investing”.  To use my experience as a soldier in the trenches and tie that in to personal finance.

Boom! That’s how the idea was born.


While I’m excited to finally get this book out to the public, the releasing of the book isn’t what I’m excited about.

What I’m most excited about is that I’m confident this book will help people.

I’ve seen first hand how my father struggled with debt.

I’ve seen first hand how couples struggle trying to figure out how they are going to retire because they didn’t save enough.

I’ve seen first hand how young people don’t take their financial life serious enough that is a recipe for disaster.

I’ve seen it all and I want to do my best to put an end to it.

What is Soldier of Finance?

A Soldier of Finance is someone that wants control of their money.  They don’t want to leave it to chance.  They don’t let past financial blunders affect how they are going to live the rest of their life.

Do you have to be an actual soldier to get anything out of this book?  Absolutely not.

This book is made for any man, women, young adult and early boomer that wants a better financial life than they already have.

Are you ready for a change in your financial life? This book is for you.

Thank You For Your Support

Many of you have been asking “Jeff, when can I buy the book?“.  Well, guess what.  Today is the day.  :)

The official pre-sales begins today.  But that’s not all.   If you buy the book as part of the pre-sale activities, you get automatically entered into a raffle to win an iPad mini.

Say what? Yup. It’s just my little way of saying thanks. :)


Here’s how it will work {SUPER EASY}:

All you have to do is pre-order a copy of Soldier of Finance HERE.

Then enter that you did so in the Rafflecopter widget (go to the bottom of the post). We will verify the winner by making sure you have pre-ordered the book through Shopify.


This is more of a THANK YOU for the people who are willing to support my book.

Please, please, if you get a sec, watch the book trailer above. My wife spent hours upon hours editing this thing. Mostly because the first two recordings sucked! (that was all my fault). Thankfully, I have the BEST wife ever!!


Help Get The Word Out?

And if you want to help get the word out, just click to tweet the link below.

Take charge of your financial life w/ Soldier Of Finance, new book by @jjeffrose Chance to win iPad mini…(Click to Tweet HERE)


Official Rules

*Official prize: 16gb iPad Mini with Wifi {color will be black or white – whichever is available}. FYI, my wife is also offering a chance to win a 1 hour Google Hangout with her to talk home decor, fashion, blogging if you’re in that kind of thing. :) If you can more about that on her site here. There will be one winner for the iPad Mini and five winners for the Google Hangout. The Google Hangout will be ONE Google Hangout where all five people are present. See Rafflecopter widget for terms and conditions. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  1. Jason says

    Jeff, I really enjoyed the emotional and inspiring video trailer. Thanks for sharing your story. Kudos to Mandy for the phenomenal editing! The background music is awesome. I look forward to reading the book!

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