Credit Card Hacking with App O Rama: How to Receive Thousands of Airline Miles and Cash Bonuses

When Kevin first approached me about the idea of writing a post and conducting a personal case study on himself about “App O Rama”, I had no idea what he was talking about. After a brief explanation, I was intrigued…very intrigued.

Why? ‘Cause I’m all about hacking certain strengths to achieve real and quantifiable benefits.

I hate credit card debt, but I use a credit card for everything I buy. We pay it off each month, collect our reward points (usually cash) and we’re on are happy way.

If you are responsible enough, credit cards are not evil.

To me, App o Rama is taking it to the next level. What’s it all about? Read on to find out….

app-o-ramaFair warning: I’m about to take most things you know and love about your credit score and turn them upside down. Please buckle up, it might be a bumpy ride.

Your credit score is precious.

It is something to be loved, cherished, and above all… protected at all costs. (Or at least… most costs.) We put it into a high security vault and make sure nothing ever touches it. We pay off our debts, set up automatic payments, and do whatever possible to avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy.

Personal finance bloggers, financial planners, and pundits all love to heap praise upon the mighty credit score. Your credit score is the thing that can rescue you from thousands in errant interest payments and help your refinance to lower your costs. It’s one of the things people in debt most worry about. That’s why you see a ton of articles out there about how to improve your credit score.

And that’s great. Most people simply don’t understand how much of an impact their credit score can have on their life.
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Capital One Spark Cash Business Credit Card

Finding a solid business rewards credit card isn’t always easy. Sometimes there are high annual fees while others have tiered rewards where you have to spend thousands of dollars before any real rewards kick in.

For the business owner that doesn’t want to have a bunch of separate credit cards aimed to provide the most benefit in each category of spending (typically office supplies, telecommunications, gas, dining, and lodging just to name a few), it can be hard to find that all around solid card.

Who wouldn’t want to carry just one credit card instead of five?

Enter Capital One’s Spark Cash Business Credit Card to save the day.
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Best Small Business Credit Cards and Charge Cards

Are you bootstrapping your business and in need of a credit card to help you expand your operations? Or has your company grown and you are just looking to maximize the rewards from your spending so you can continue your growth?

With a dizzying array of small business credit cards and charge cards available it can be frustrating to dig through all of the details and find the best one. Do you need a low APR, a 0% introductory offer, bonus points, or a rewards program? Or a combination of all of them?

11 Best Small Business Credit and Charge Cards

Here are the top small business credit cards and charge cards you can use to grow your business.

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Want $100 for Free? Get a Chase Freedom Visa or Mastercard

Who doesn’t like free cash?


Chase Freedom will give you $200 if you sign up for either a Chase Freedom® Visa or Chase Freedom® MasterCard.

The best part? Chase Freedom is one the best cash back credit cards available. You’re not signing up for a garbage credit card just to get some cash back. Let’s look at how it works and why this is a card that you should consider having even if they didn’t offer $200 in bonus cash.
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Review of Chase Blueprint

Have you ever struggled to manage your credit card use? Have you been frustrated to be charged interest on your every day items while you try to pay down your balance?

A new set of software by Chase Bank called Blueprint aims to help you manage your credit card use and pay off your debt with a plan. This is an exclusive benefit to having certain Chase credit cards. Your other credit card companies can’t offer you access to Blueprint, and not every Chase card qualifies.

What is Chase Blueprint?

Blueprint is an online program that Chase credit cardholders get access to. It helps you handle a variety of credit card tasks: from avoiding paying interest to paying off a big balance with a dedicated debt-reduction plan. [Read more…]