Credit Card Hacking with App O Rama: How to Receive Thousands of Airline Miles and Cash Bonuses

When Kevin first approached me about the idea of writing a post and conducting a personal case study on himself about “App O Rama”, I had no idea what he was talking about. After a brief explanation, I was intrigued…very intrigued.

Why? ‘Cause I’m all about hacking certain strengths to achieve real and quantifiable benefits.

I hate credit card debt, but I use a credit card for everything I buy. We pay it off each month, collect our reward points (usually cash) and we’re on are happy way.

If you are responsible enough, credit cards are not evil.

To me, App o Rama is taking it to the next level. What’s it all about? Read on to find out….

app-o-ramaFair warning: I’m about to take most things you know and love about your credit score and turn them upside down. Please buckle up, it might be a bumpy ride.

Your credit score is precious.

It is something to be loved, cherished, and above all… protected at all costs. (Or at least… most costs.) We put it into a high security vault and make sure nothing ever touches it. We pay off our debts, set up automatic payments, and do whatever possible to avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy.

Personal finance bloggers, financial planners, and pundits all love to heap praise upon the mighty credit score. Your credit score is the thing that can rescue you from thousands in errant interest payments and help your refinance to lower your costs. It’s one of the things people in debt most worry about. That’s why you see a ton of articles out there about how to improve your credit score.

And that’s great. Most people simply don’t understand how much of an impact their credit score can have on their life.
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Growing a Freelance or Small Business? Use Chase Ink Classic Business to Grow Your Empire (Now with $250 in Rewards!)

Successfully growing your entrepreneurial motives into a side business (or more!) is challenging, taxing, rewarding, and extremely gratifying.

Who doesn’t want an empire of their own?

Want $250 to help you build your empire? Apply for a Chase InkSM Classic Business credit card today.

It’s also incredibly difficult.

You’ve got to juggle sending invoices to clients, processing orders, responding to questions, and actually completing the work your customers want. Oh, and if this is really a side business you still have a day job to manage as well. It’s hectic, often by the seat of your pants, and glorious. You’re the boss and you get to make all of the decisions.

However, there’s one problem with growing a side businesses: it is very easy to get so busy that you forget to do other important tasks like eating, laundry, taking a shower, and paying your bills.

One way that many people handle their bills is to set them up to be automatically paid every month. This is beneficial because it takes the thought out of having to open the envelope, pull out the bill, write the check… and so on. But when you automate your finances there is always the risk of an incorrect charge slipping by you (not as common) or worse yet missing out on deals or potential discounts from your suppliers (definitely more common). You instinctively delete the emails from the cable company offering you $10 off per month for 12 months if you renew today because you assume it is just marketing spam. You’re busy, you don’t have time to read marketing messages. Back to building your empire.
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