Capital One Spark Cash Business Credit Card

Finding a solid business rewards credit card isn’t always easy. Sometimes there are high annual fees while others have tiered rewards where you have to spend thousands of dollars before any real rewards kick in.

For the business owner that doesn’t want to have a bunch of separate credit cards aimed to provide the most benefit in each category of spending (typically office supplies, telecommunications, gas, dining, and lodging just to name a few), it can be hard to find that all around solid card.

Who wouldn’t want to carry just one credit card instead of five?

Enter Capital One’s Spark Cash Business Credit Card to save the day.
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Be a Nerd and Find the Best Business Card Online

When it comes to credit cards I am a huge fan of nerds. Say what? :)

What I meant to say is that I am a huge fan of the guys over at Nerd If you’re looking for an awesome site to find the best credit card for you no matter your situation, their site is it.


After starting my new business I thought it was a good time to hunt for a new business credit card. To practice what I preach, I decided to head over their site to see what I could find.

Check it out:

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