Pain in the Butt! 6 Factors that Make Switching Insurance Companies and Firing Your Agent All Worth It

There are more than a million reasons why I love my wife. She’s hot, she’s a great mom, she cooks (every once in a while), and she does the laundry — although my jeans are always wrinkled–love ya baba! :)

Another BIG reason why I love her, is that she handles all the insurance stuff with our household. She’s on the phone for hours deliberating with the insurance companies about what we owe and what we’ve already paid that they never seem to have the record on.

Recently, we decided it was time to switch insurance companies and she, being the awesome wife that she is, took on the task. Here’s her experience on the whole ordeal of changing insurance companies and firing our agent. Take it away sweetie…..

There are several reasons why a person might consider switching insurance companies. I assure you that doing it for fun is not one of them. Perhaps the company you are currently insured by is going out of business or maybe the rates from other insurance companies are more affordable.

We had been with our insurance company for over five years. We personally knew our insurance agent, as he was a friend of mine from high school. I trusted him and I knew that we were in good hands. Earlier this year, our agent decided to switch jobs, leaving us with a new agent that we did not know.
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