7 Questions To Ask Your Financial Planner


Questions For Your Financial Planner

As the year rolls on, risk and credit are being repriced and financial markets remain in some turmoil.

In the last few client reviews I’ve had, the clients have all stated that they haven’t even looked at their statements.   If you find yourself in this situation and retirement is creeping around the corner, this is highly not suggested.

Now, more than ever, you need to be on top of your financial situation.  Your portfolio could be completely intact, but most likely there might be some opportunities to take advantage of.

When meeting with your financial planner, here are 7 questions you should ask to get a better sense of where the market dump has left you.

Updated: I recently did a follow post that addressed the #1 question you should ask a financial advisor before hiring them. Watch the video to hear what is.

1. What is my true financial situation?

Re-examine your investment goals, time horizon, risk tolerance and financial circumstances. Have any of these objectives or circumstances changed?

Have you added to your bond and money market investments during this volatile time? If so, will that more conservative investment mix still allow you to meet your long-term goals of saving for your children’s college education and funding a retirement income plan?

Allow your planner to assess your true financial situation by providing complete information on your current financial picture. Make sure to include not only your  investments held with them,  but other investments as well, including bank savings accounts. [Read more…]