13+ Amazingly Simple Ways to Get Over 40 Grams of Fiber in Your Diet In One Freaking Day!

I‘m not really sure when the day actually happened.

I know that I started eating healthier when I was college right when working out became a part of my weekly routine.

Protein, carbs and good fats became a regular staple of my vocabulary.

One day though, I got a little bit obsessed. And that obsession became fiber.

So much of a obsession that I started to count how many grams of fiber I took in a day. 

Yes, I may need help.

You see, my father had two heart attacks and the second one took his life at the age of 67. From that point on, I’ve watched my diet a lot more than I did in the past (Although, I did hit a bit of a funk and motivated myself to lose 20 pounds). 

Knowing that heart disease runs in my family, I needed to conscience of what I ate. According to the Cheerios box, fiber helps reduce cholesterol or heart disease. How can you argue with Cheerios?

So I started watching and counting my fiber intake to make sure I was getting a healthy dose. But what exactly is a healthy dose?  According to Harvard School of Health, men should shoot for 30 grams of fiber a day in their diet.
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