Is Someone Else Claiming Your Tax Refund?

tax refund fraudMany of us know to be on our guard when it comes to identity theft as it relates to credit.

We know to check our credit reports regularly for suspicious activity, looking for fraudulent accounts.

What we don’t realize, though, is that a new type of tax fraud is on the rise.

Identity thieves could be claiming your tax refund by filing early in the season.

They receive your refund, and you are left out in the cold.
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How You Can Avoid Falling for the Latest Identity Theft Scam

Identity Theft is increasingly becoming a common crime because of unassuming people who take little care of their personal information.

It is easier for Identity thieves to assume one’s life, especially now with all the new technologies readily available to them to commit the crime.

IMG - How to avoid identity theft

Once an ID thief possesses your personal and financial information, even from a simple source like a bill or a driver’s license, your identity can successfully be stolen.

For people victimized by the crime, it will be extremely difficult to recover because of the repercussions that it causes to other aspects of their lives. Stolen money can be earned back in time.

Reputation is harder to restore.

The ID thief can commit other criminal acts while pretending to be you; it can cause problems with your personal relationships, financial institutions, or worse, the government.
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How Should Debit And Credit Card Users Protect Themselves Against Skimming

In today’s high tech world, you stand a much better chance of becoming a victim of credit card and identity theft than a robbery committed in person. Thieves have a number of crafty technology based ways to steal your personal information, often including credit card numbers, bank account information and other financial information.

Skimming represents just another one of these new technology based ways to steal from you. These schemes are designed to steal your money or your identity without you even knowing about it. They also make it harder to capture the assailant. Knowing about these schemes and taking steps to prevent them is your best chance of avoiding them.
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How to Protect Your Child From Identity Theft

Identity theft has been constantly rising threat that has most likely affected you or, at least, someone you know. I’ve been the victim of identity theft twice in my life. Although, both times were little issues compared to some of the horror stories I’ve read; it still was a pain in the butt and I never want to go through it again.

The increasing threat is not just to your own identity, but also to your child. Your child may be the last person in the world you would think would lose their identity to a criminal but it is becoming more common for a child’s identity to be stolen. Desperate individuals are looking for targets to profit from with criminal activity and an innocent child can be the perfect victim.
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How Identity Theft Destroys Your Credit Score

This is a guest post by Carrie Davis who is a personal finance blogger at

Some cases of identity theft are pretty minor. Maybe you notice a couple transactions you didn’t make on your credit card statement, and a quick call to your bank about the fraud resolves the issue. But other forms of identity theft can be a nightmare to recover from, and can wreck your credit score in the process. Here’s how it happens.

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