Capital One Sharebuilder Review

When it comes to picking the right brokerage account, the type of trader you are is crucial in your decision. Capital One ShareBuilder is an online broker that is part of the same parent company of ING.

Capital One ShareBuilder was created to make automatic online investments through automated withdrawals from your existing accounts so that your savings will grow automatically.

What’s all that really mean?

You don’t have to sit and worry about which day you’re going to invest money. You set up an automated plan, sit back, and watch your retirement account grow without a lot of checking in from you. It’s an easy, low-hassle way of starting to invest.

It’s very similar to the way that an IRA or 401K is managed by your financial advisor. Instead of investing once or twice per year, you build up a habit through consistent investments.

This is also a great way to start investing for new investors that have never traded stocks or invested in mutual funds. You are taking the thinking out of investing.

Set the plan, engage the automatic investments, and go back to worrying about the rest of your life.

Looking to get started with Capital One ShareBuilder today? Open an account and get a $50 account bonus for free.

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