10 Essential Factors of a Retirement Planning Checklist

If there’s one thing that you don’t want to do twice, that would be retiring.

Imagine having to go back to work after you’ve called it quits. Yuck!!

I’ve heard horror stories of this happening and the most common culprit is lack of planning.

Planning your retirement is something you do not want to take lightly.

Retirement Planning Checklist

If you are approaching retirement, do you know if you are ready?

Do you have the funds saved that you will need?

Do you have all the other details in place and ready to go?

While retirement is an exciting time, it is also a time of big changes in your life.

Not only will you not be going to work every day but you will also have adjustments in your personal life and your finances will also be changing.

To make sure you are prepared for all the changes creating a retirement planning checklist is recommended.

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Home Sweet Home: What is the True Cost of Having Your Own Home?

Waking up in a place of your own with the birds chirping right outside your window is a great feeling.

You go outside and enjoy your coffee on the back porch, simply enjoying the quiet that comes with not living in an apartment.

Your neighbors are friendly, the sun is shining, and you know it is going to be another great day of owning a home.

true costs of owning a home

Everything is going great… until the peaceful morning is ruined by the sound of your air conditioner going out.
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Online Tools That Help You Pay Off Debt

best tools getting out of debtGetting into debt is so easy.

Just a swipe of the card, a late payment, and suddenly your interest rate is 30%.

Climbing out of this hole in the past meant grabbing a calculator and a notepad.

The tools to get out of debt just weren’t readily available, and understanding exactly how much financial damage you were doing to yourself was complicated.

You knew a big chunk of each payment was going to interest, but you couldn’t figure out how long it would take to pay off the debt.

Now you have so many tools to help you pay off debt that the simple task of deciding which tool to use can be overwhelming.

It’s the opposite problem.

But at least the tools are available. A majority of them even have smartphone or iPad apps so you can take your debt payoff calculations with you.

Not sure which debt reduction and debt payoff tool is best? Here are a few to get you started.
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Don’t Pay Late! Different Ways to Set Up a Bill Reminder

Ways to Set Up a Bill ReminderWhen it comes to paying bills, I’m horrible!

Luckily, I’ve found a way to outsource it….to my wife. :)

My wife is the queen of paying our bills on time and refuses to let a bill go unpaid or pay a silly late fee.

To my amazement, she doesn’t need an app on her iPhone to reminder her when a bill needs to be paid like I would.

She just uses a simple single sheet of paper pinned up next to our home computer (see pic to the right). She definitely completes me.

For those that need more than a single sheet a paper, I’ve asked Miranda to share some neat ways to setup a bill reminders so that you never pay another late bill again.
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