Emergency Alert: How To Be Prepared For a Storm

Updated 03/01/2012: I’ve lived in Southern Illinois most of my life and cannot remember a time where we were hit with such vicious wind storms.

When I first wrote this post, our area was hit what was called an “inland hurricane”. It’s the closest thing I’ve been to a hurricane and/or tornado. I never thought our area would be hit again. That is until this past Tuesday.

Harrisburg, Illinois, about 30 minutes from me was hit by an EF4 tornado killing 6, injury 100’s more, and leaving the community stunned. It’s just a scary reminder that you never know when Mother Nature is going to come and you better be ready.


If you haven’t taken any measures to be prepared for an emergency, then this applies. I’ve added newer pics that shows the preparation my wife and I have gone through. You can read more on her perspective here. If you are deathly afraid of storms, check her post out.


Overwhelmed by the storm's aftermath

Living in Southern Illinois there aren’t many emergencies that we have to be prepared for.  We will have the occasional ice storm in the winter. During the summer humidity is almost unbearable, but we’re not accustomed to much more than that.  That was until Friday, May 8th, when I experienced a storm like no other.

I was set to play in the annual Carterville Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Golf Scramble that had a tee time of 1 p.m.   It had rained all morning, but I was hopeful that it would still not prevent the days festivities.  I had no idea by the end of the day that my main concern would be whether my home was still standing and not that I had shanked my drive on Hole #9 (or every other hole for that matter).

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