Distribution Rules for SEP IRAs

When I crossed over from W-2 employee to being self-employed and co-founded our investment firm, I was excited about the plethora of business retirement plans that I now had at my disposal.

One such option (which ended up being the one I went with) is the Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRA. A SEP IRA and traditional IRA is the contribution limits imposed. In 2010, the contribution rules for the SEP are allowable for the lesser of either 25% of your self-employment net earnings; or $49,000.
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Best Retirement Plan For Small Businesses

When I worked for my old brokerage firm, I was a W-2 employee and the retirement plan options were simple.  I had the 401k and could also do a Traditional or Roth IRA outside of it.  Things changed a bit when I started my own company.  I officially became a small business owner and had man more choices on retirement plans. What options do hands-on owner-operators have and which one is the best for you? If you have a small company and want a retirement program, you want to consider these plan choices.

Best Retirement plans for small businesses
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