Why I Hate Target Date Mutual Funds and You Should, Too

target date mutual fundsYou’ve been investing in your 401k for quite some time and are probably still clueless in where your money is going.  (Don’t worry…you’re not alone)

But you’re thankful that they offer these “target date” or “life cycle” funds that make investing in your 401k so easy.

What are target date funds? You know… the funds where all you have to do is choose the year you plan on retiring and voila – you’re all set.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner…..how easy is that?

Here’s the BIG problem.  Target date funds, although easy, can sometimes eat away at your returns.

Or stated just a bit more bluntly– They suck!

*You know I hate Target Date Mutual Funds when I take the time to record a video.
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