Start Saving For Retirement Today: Best IRA Online Brokers

best ira online brokerAs a financial advisor one of the biggest frustrations about our industry is for the young investor that want to get started investing into an IRA.

Why is it frustrating?

Because most big firms don’t want to help new investors.

Otherwise known as “small investors”.

Yes, you can walk into an Edward Jones office and open an IRA, but you’re going to have to pay an annual custodial fee.

They aren’t the only ones.  All big brokerage firms will charge $40-$75 per year just to have the account open.

In addition, some firms will charge you a small account fee if you don’t generate enough commissions or fees or the year.

Over and above that, you’re either going to have to pay a commission for each mutual fund, stock or ETF trade that you place or you have to pay an advisory fee which will be anywhere from .75% to 1.5% of your account balance.


As you can see, yes you can open the account with a big brokerage firm, but they’re going to gouge you in fees making it nearly impossible for any new investor to make any money.

So what’s the alternative?
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Is a 401k Enough For Retirement?

Transcription follows below:

Hey everybody,  this is Jeff Rose from Today I am going to talk a little bit about a common question that I get quite frequently. This question is:

Is just having a 401k enough to have a successful retirement?

It is a very good question because a lot of people wonder about, am I saving enough? Am I putting enough away to make sure I get enough to retire when I want to retire and is the 401k only thing that we need to get us by? And I would say that generally speaking that answer is no. As far as my reasoning and logic behind that is this.

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What Happens When You Over Contribute into IRAs?

You always hear that you need to “Save, Save, Save” for retirement, but is it really possible to save too much? When it comes to contributing to your IRA, it can.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) have annual contribution limitations that indicate how much you’re allowed to contribute. Anyone, regardless of income level can contribute to Traditional IRAs, but in addition to having a maximum contribution amount for a Roth IRA, you’ll also need to have annual income within limitations in order to contribute, at all.

It’s always best to prevent over contributions into IRAs, whether you have a Roth IRA or a Traditional IRA, so consult a tax professional if you have any questions about your allowed contribution amounts each year. If you do contribute more than you are supposed to, also consult a tax professional for advice on how to remove the overage to avoid penalties and tax implications.
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How Much is Your IRA Paying?

12_tap_into_iraThis is one of my most favorite questions in the financial industry. Right along with, “What’s the next hot stock tip?” So how do you answer that question? I first explain what an I-R-A stands for: Individual Retirement Account, not Investment that Returns A lot or Interest Rate Account.

IRA’s Are Not Investments

That means that the IRA serves as a retirement “account” not a retirement investment. Many people have the belief that IRA’s are like a CD and they pay an interest rate. This is most likely true if you invest in an IRA at your local bank. In this case, you are purchasing a CD within the IRA because CD’s are the only investment option that is available (some banks now do have in house brokerage firms that allow you to put money into other investments). [Read more…]