Personal Capital Review – Managing All Your Investments in One Place

One thing that I have craved for investors is a tool that allows you to sync all your investment accounts in one place that also gives you more investment related analysis.

Mint does a fantastic job of giving you numbers, but falls short on giving you a greater insight into your overall portfolio.

For my clients, I subscribe to Blueleaf – which is fantastic. The only downside is that you have to be my client (or another advisor that uses it) to get access to it. I realize that everyone will not be my client so the hunt continued for another option. I then discovered Personal Capital.


Personal Capital Review

I was excited to learn more about it that I immediately signed up. I’m currently synching all my investment accounts and giving Personal Capital a try. In the meantime, I had Kevin write a review about them so you can better understand how this awesome (and free) program works. [Read more…]