Attention, frustrated employees: Start making money on your own. I’ll show you how. The following is a guest post from Martin of Start Freelancing Now.

You need to learn to think big and to be confident in your work. I’ve been guilty of focusing on small tasks for far too long. I too often find myself working on things that either don’t matter or produce minor results. This is why I now focus my energy on bold and audacious goals. I believe in doing it big.

How can you go about performing audacious moves if you don’t know where to start? What if you happen to lack a certain level of confidence?

I found my own answer to this in a podcast.

I heard a podcast with Tim Ferriss and Ramit Sethi on a similar topic. In the audio file Ferriss recommends that you engage in physical competition and practice the art of uncomfortable speaking. According to Ferriss, these two activities alone will increase your confidence drastically and help you go big.

Physical competition can be a kickboxing or weightlifting competition at your local gym. Uncomfortable speaking ranges between negotiation courses, public speaking, and the art of trying to pick up the opposite the sex. You know, going to the mall and trying to might a pretty girl while not totally hammered.

When it comes to bold moves the answer is simple. When it comes to minor tasks you just won’t see any real results. You can spend all week planning a cool business name and working on some cool accounting system and nobody will care. What do these tasks mean? Not much.

Big and audacious tasks (selling t-shirts with an amazing graphic design, offering the most interactive tutoring session, or reading the most important chapter for that final exam) will do more for us than some minor time-consuming task ever could.

You don’t believe me?

Then try it. Instead of worrying about coming up with a cool name for your new tutoring service, focus on reaching out to potential clients and offering the best one-on-one sessions out there.

You may have a LLC set up along with a flashy website but this doesn’t mean anything for the student that wants to pass their Organic Chemistry final. We all want to have our problems solved. We want our lives changed. We want big results. Nobody buys the eBook that helps them become conscious about nutrition. We all want six pack abs and that’s why that book makes millions!

Where’s this all going?

I want you guys to go big or go home. Yea I know that the saying is a bit too cliché. It holds true in every area of life. There’s no point to hit the gym if you’re feeling tired and you know that your workout is going to suck. Just stay home. You’re only going to feel worse about yourself for having such a lame workout.

Challenge.: Start your new life with a huge project. Do something different. Do something worth talking abut. Don’t just simply tread water.

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